Saturday, 18 June 2011

Nail of the Day: e.l.f. Innocent and Mod Mauve.

This NOTD comes to you after about 3 hours of indecision and impatience- I'd decided on the colours I want to use, but I kept changing my mind as to what design or pattern I wanted- then when I did decide, I couldn't sit still and smudged everything!

Innocent is a favorite of mine, it's a great slightly pinky nude shade which suits my skintone and (like all e.l.f. polishes) it provides good coverage after 2 or 3 coats despite it's pale colour- which lead me to think it could be streaky (it absolutely isnt!). I love Mod Mauve but I tend to wear it less often; I tend to prefer lighter colours on my fingers so that if they chip it looks less noticeable (yes, I am a little bit lazy...) I really love these two colours together- they seem to work so well.

On my left hand I used a nail art stamper (m55) to apply this lovely swirly pattern to my middle finger (I felt like a change from the ring finger). Beacuse it's such a thin layer, Mod Mauve came out rather pale on the nail but I like it that way, its nice and subtle. I did originally have this on both hands but I smudged my whole right hand and had to start again...

So on my right hand, I decided to just do a simple Mod Mauve ring finger (lets be honest- by this point I was getting hungry and I wanted to finish my nails off!) Not sure how long this will stay on my nails, I think having two unmatching hands my start to annoy me- they are both lovely though :)

What are your favorite nail polish colour combinations?



  1. i love the swirl effect thats cool :)

  2. Thanks Nina, I really recommend nail art stamps, perhaps I'll do a post/review of my collection soon :)

  3. the mixed like swirly nail is too cool! Love your blog!Hey will you check out mine? If you follow I will return the favor! Thanks to much:)

  4. Innocent is a great color. I have it and like it a lot. You might want to check out Desert Haze and Fair pink as well. Working on a blog post with swatches on elf nail polish right now. Will go "live" soon.

  5. Thanks, I already have Desert Haze (and love it) but I'll definitely think about buying Fair Pink- your swatch post is great :)


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