Monday, 27 June 2011

My nail art tool collection.

I love doing nail art- I'm terrible at drawing, but I do like to be creative so I love having tools to help me make pretty patterns on my nails without having to draw/ paint them myself!

Dotting tools are great because you can make simple designs with dots and flowers (and probably lots of other things I haven't thought of yet) very easily. You can use old ballpoint pens or anything else with a rounded tip if you don't want to purchase specific tool. I got mine from ebay (search for nail art dotting tools) for about £1.50, and as you can see each of the 10 points is a different size, which is great for creating a range of dot sizes.

I also have these lovely sparkly rhinestones, there are 1800 rhinestones in the disk package (I really like the packaging, it makes storage and getting at the individual colours very easy) I got them from ebay for about £2.30 and they're great for adding some bling to a design :)

I love love love my nail stampers, they are very easy to use (there are tutorials all over youtube) and are relatively cheap to get hold of. I got my stamper and scraper set for about £1.40 on ebay. I really like the light colour on the rubber stamp because it makes it easy to see if the stamp has picked up the polish properly.

There are many different plates available which have 'M' (like mine) and 'B' numbers. I have 31 plates in total- I got a bundle of 30 from ebay (again, just search something like nail art stamp plates) for around £11, if you search around you get can get some great deals, and they'll often come with a free stamper/scraper set. And the last one I have is a lovely zebra and cheetah print plate (another ebay purchase) which I bought separately.

Top to bottom: m39, 20, 38, 43, 71, 33

m42, 51, 37, 40, 03, 21

m58, 45, 49, 22, 48, 47
m09, 75, 52, 11,  02, 35

m14, 28, 17, 36, 55, 04

I really like these plates, there's a great variety of designs- flowers, animals, patterns etc. I think my favorites are probably the cute ribbons on m17 (last picture) and the roses on m02 (3rd picture). If you'd like to see any of the patterns on my nails let me know :) I'm sure there'll be lots of NOTD to look forward to with all of these tools :)

What are your favorite nail art tools? (is there anything I'm missing out on?)


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