Sunday, 19 June 2011

Review: Neutrogena, Norwegian Formula concentrated hand cream.

Writing about my skincare favorites here last week, I realised just how many Neutrogena products I rely on (without even noticing) I was introduced to this amazing hand cream by my Grandma a few years ago- when she produced it from her handbag (that woman is like Mary Poppins, she has everything in there!) - and I've used it ever since.

You can buy 15ml (a fantastic handbag size, its really teeny) for £1.35, or 50ml for £3.59 at Boots and most other shops/ supermarkets. This may not seem like a lot but you really don't need much at all to cover your whole hands, so the product lasts a very long time; in fact, Neutrogena claims that it is 'Concrentrated for over 200 applications'

Do you like my rug?

I cannot recommend this enough- as you may know I have really dry (sometimes eczema prone) skin, and even a tiny amount of this hand cream can moisturise my hands really well. Plus, because it provides long lasting moisture (thanks to the high amount of glycerin in the formula) you wont need to reapply several times a day, like some other hand creams I've used, and my hands still feel lovely even after washing my hands.

What is your favorite handcream?


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