Friday, 11 May 2012

Nail of the Day: Bronze Targets!

Once again I was struck with the usual indecision for todays NOTD... I wanted to use a colour that I've not used in a while- and (eventually) decided that brown seemed to fit that bill rather well. Plus I realised that Olympic Bronze could work really well as a stamping colour with it!

I used two coats of e.l.f. Smokey Brown, then I picked out a full nail stamp from my BundleMonster set- the lovely circles (that remind me of targets, hence the title) on plate 206 :) Like many other metallic polishes I found Olympic Bronze to be a really good stamping polish- there is quite a range of colours in the Beauty UK Posh Polish range, the Gemstone collection has pinks, blues etc... and I'm quite tempted to buy a couple... (stop me!!!)

e.l.f. Smokey Brown and Beauty UK Olympic Bronze

I'm not sure the pictures show the nails in their best light, in real life this design is (if I say so myself) stunning- it came out so much better than I'd hoped!!! It also reminds me a bit of wallpaper :)

In other news, I had a mini nail disaster- all of my nails are pretty short at the moment (I'm sure they all scheme together and all 10 break on the same day) but my little finger on the right hand is really teeny, it broke and ripped really far down, pulling some skin off too :( It actually really hurts, I keep accidentally knocking it, and that part of my finger should be protected by fingernail!

My poor, wounded nail :(

Have you used any Beauty UK polishes? I'm rather impressed with this one :)


p.s. Has anyone up to date with Greys Anatomy? Yesterdays episode was AWESOME!!!

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