Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nail of the Day: Top Turquoise Toes!

I decided to take full advantage of the lovely weather (yay!!!) today and sit outside; I lounged about reading magazines, watching a couple of episodes of Being Human (I'm finally catching up with series 4) and giving myself my first proper pedicure of the year (I've not yet had to expose my feet, I think it was necessary!)
I hope none of you are foot-phobic, because I really like this shade on my toes and I wanted to share :)

Top Turquoise! :)

Yay for summer! I've not worn sleeves all day, and my legs are exposed for about the 4th time this year! :) I think it's hilarious that some people are saying it's too hot... I love it! And I could definitely stand it to be another 5 degrees warmer- take me back to Fiji!!!!

How are you enjoying the lovely weather at the moment? :)


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