Thursday, 31 May 2012

(my sisters) Nail of the Day: Luxe Pink :)

My sister ended up being the first to use one of my new polishes- she painted her nails last Saturday evening (whilst watching Eurovision) and excitedly picked out Luxe and Lush; I'm not sure if she cares more about the beautiful flakey effect or that it's from The Hunger Games collection... either way I think it looks pretty awesome!

Predictably she used a pink- Models Own Pastel Pink (what a surprise!...) to be precise. I'm fairly certain that each nail got two thin coats of Luxe and Lush, and the result is a fairly even flakey coverage :)

I'm not sure the pictures do the polish justice at ALL- the beautiful duochrome effect doesn't seem to show up as well as it could, but it does look lovely anyway.

China Glaze Luxe and Lush
 and Models Own Pastel Pink

I adore Luxe and Lush- I cannot wait to use it on myself!!! :) And because it has so many different colours depending on how the light hits it, I think it would work really well over just about any colour!

Are you as predictable as Amy in her nail colour choices? (I swear she almost always wears pink unless she's doing more complex nail art!)



  1. Oh wow it doesn't look too bad over a light color! I prefer it over darker colors though, the duochrome looks much cooler and the shard-like appearance of the flakies looks awesome over something with just a little more pigmentation (black is too predictable)

    I'm not sure you saw my e-mail but I did receive your package a day before you received mine!!! I've alredy worn Fantasy Fire haha. I'm going to put up many pictures of the nail mail in a day or so. Going through some vision problems atm that make it hard to blog.

    1. Yeah I like it over the lighter colour- it looks more subtle and pretty :) Must try it with a dark colour next then!!!

      How odd, I definitely didn't get that email.. SO glad it arrived though, I was getting rather worried! I hope you liked your package :) Yay I love Fantasy Fire!Aww that sucks, hope it gets better soon :)



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