Monday, 21 May 2012

Challenge Week 34: The Half Moon Mani!

This weeks 52 week challenge theme is, I have to admit, not one of my favourites- I had a feeling (which turned out to be correct) that it wouldn't really suit my short nails. However, I am very excited about the colour combination I chose.

My two newest Revlon purchases- Oh My Magenta and Plum Night- by some happy coincidence actually look really nice together, so I used a single coat and couldn't resist taking a lot of photographs before adding the purple over the top- this pink is stunning! It has tiny bright pink and blue sparkles in it, giving a lovely bright duo chrome/ iridescent effect :)

Somewhat reluctantly (I didn't want to cover it up!) I used my new hole reinforcers to create the half moon design. I didn't do the best job- the moons are a bit too high up for my liking, which makes my short nails look shorter and wider- and some of them are neater than others... Though I do quite like the effect, maybe with more work I could pull it off!

I decided to paint my right hand a little differently- just with alternate pink and purple :) And I realised that I find it impossible to photograph my right hand- it just won't cooperate and get into the position I want it to!!!

Revlon Oh My Magenta and Plum Night
 I'm totally in love with Oh My Magenta- it was definitely worth that pound! :) I think Plum Night is showing up a bit darker in pictures than it does in real life, but it is more plum and less black in person.

Have you tried the half moon mani? Any tips for me, I'm still not sure I like it...



  1. I've done mine and should be posting soon. It might look better on shorter nails if you do less of a moon, or perhaps a ruffian would work even better?

    1. Ooh goodie, looking forward to seeing it! Haha less of a moon, but I know what you mean- I think it would! Though I do like it more today now I'm a bit more used to it! Ruffian is next on my 'new things to try' list- I'll be doing one soon! :)


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