Saturday, 26 May 2012

Have I Got A Haul For You (AWESOME Swap Goodies!) Part 2!!!

OK so it's time for part 2- I'm sorry I couldn't post it all together- there is just too much and I have/had about 25 pictures so I thought it might get a bit tedious! Anyway, I hope you'll remember that yesterdays haul post was the polishes; which means that today is everything else!

Another item that I specifically asked for is an EOS lip balm- no surprise really, considering that I'm a total lip balm junkie! I got Summer Fruits- which smells delicious! It reminds me most of raspberries :) So far I really like the balm itself too- yay!

EOS Lipbalm in Summer Fruits

And everything else in this post is an extra that Pryanka added in without me even knowing (or expecting) them- I really really was blown away by everything that she included (thank you thank you thank you again!)

Revlon Moon Drops Lipstick in 24K Orange

Now I have to admit I'm a little scared of this shade- after all it IS bright orange. However I tried it on this afternoon and I didn't hate it, and Amy said it looked 'OK actually'. I think I might quite like this with a pinkish lip gloss over the top to create a coraly effect :)

Too Faced Exotic Colour Eyeshadow in Petals To The Metal

I recognised this shade as soon as I saw the name, I've heard a lot of great things about it, and OMG this is such an amazing colour! It's a deep coppery brown base with a bright blue duochrome that catches the light- stunning! I cannot wait to use it!

GOSH eyeshadow in Aquatic

I really love the packaging of this- the lid has spike thingys in so the powder wont end up ALL over the place! The colour is lovely too, a shimmery pale blue :)

                                                                      Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in SANDy

This liquid eyeliner pen has the best nib I've ever seen- I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures, but it's kind of flat, so you can easily use it to draw thin or thick lines depending upon how you hold it, and it draws SO smoothly- I wrote my name on my hand! :) The green shade probably isn't what I'd pick, but again I do like to be dragged out of my comfort zone sometimes- and if it doesn't work for me, my sister has brown eyes so it should work better for her!

GOSH Aquatic eyeshadow, Revlon 24K Orange lipstick,
Too Faced  Petals To The Metal eyeshadow and Tokidoki SANDy liquid eyeliner

I'm not entirely convinced the swatches show these lovely products at their best, the Too Faced eyeshadow is a bit darker brown, and has a brighter blue duochrome in real life, and the GOSH eyeshadow is more pigmented than the picture makes out.

And finally, the bonus item I think I'm most excited about:

NARS Orgasm Blush!

I hope you can see what I mean about it coming out more pink! :)

I seriously could not believe my eyes when I spied this in my envelope! Before I saw it in person I really really didn't understand the hype this blush has- it's always seemed like a shimmery coraly pink shade- but after seeing it in real life, and testing it out on my skin I realise why... It comes off lots more pink on the skin than it looks in the pan, and the shimmer and coraly sheen is very very subtle. It basically gives a really natural 'flushed' look to the cheeks! (though I still can't get over the name NARS have given it, my sister and I had a good giggle about it earlier!) Anyway I'm sure I'll post a full review after I've used it more!

That's it for the haul post- I'm putting myself on a strict spending ban from now on (though if a good e.l.f. offer comes up I think I might make an order, but that wont count!) because there is absolutely no way I can possibly need more make up or nail polish after this!!!

Once again, huge HUGE thank you to Pryanka, the parcel you sent was awesome, and I could not be happier- thank you so much! :)



  1. Aw yay I'm really so very glad you liked everything! Your excitement is making me excited all over again!!

    Yeah the shades for the lipstick and eyeliner were unconventional BUT that's only because I'm sure you buy yourself enough conventional things. Plus orange is in so I bought it for you. It's not as crazy as some of the other oranges out there. I bought one of those for myself too, I wear it with a slightly pink gloss to tone down the orange-ness of it.

    As for the excessive blues...teal is my favorite color :D

    1. Yay! I hope you get yours soon too- we can be excited all over again!!!

      Exactly- I'm glad about it actually because I would NEVER try these shades if left to my own devices! And it turns out I quite like them, so well picked!

      Yeah mine too! Teal is the best colour :)

  2. I own NARS Torrid myself! I swatched Orgasm in stores and it wasn't working for me (I like my blush super faint and Torrid works for my skintone like a charm) but I thought it would look lovely on you. Plus, I mean....considering all the hype, you know?

    1. Yeah it is quite pinky- I think it does look better on pale skin (and it works really well for me!) Indeedy- I never understood it before, but I think it deseves the hype now! Thank you!!!

  3. Wow, what amazing goodies!!! :D I really want to try one of those Eos balms!

    1. You really should- they're really lovely (and very cool looking!)


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