Friday, 25 May 2012

Eeek- Have I Got A Haul For You!!!! (a teaser)

My swap package from Pryanka arrived today- I literally squealed as the postman handed it to me (I don't think he was fact I think he thought I was some kind of nutcase!) And OMG the contents are SO AWESOME!!!!!

I couldn't wait to post about it, so here is a little sneak peek! (EDIT: The haul post is now up!)

What do you see?

There was a teeny tiny hole in the envelope, and I was so excited to open it that I just ripped it open in about 3 seconds!!! :)

I'm going to spend a very happy afternoon playing around with all of my goodies, and I'll show you what's inside the package later on today!


p.s How amazing is purple bubble wrap????

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