Sunday, 20 May 2012

My week has mainly been spent...

I always find it hard to write blog posts on Sundays- I'm not entirely sure why, though I think it possibly has something to do with the fact that I usually spend it doing nothing useful with my day (often messing around with my sister) so writing a post seems far too active. So today, in the style of the wonderful Loveaudrey, I decided to do a quick round-up of the random things I've been up to this week!

  • Watching several pigeons fight (over what I think is a nest) in the tree 6ft away from my bedroom window
  • Cleaning pigeon poo off my car (which I stupidly parked under the tree)
  • Having the largest spot I've had in years on my face- it wont budge!
  • Buying new make up for the first time in a while(ish)
  • Also buying yet more polish (because obviously I need it...)
  • Listening to Amy's orchestra concert- some very good performances and some not so good...
  • Dropping a Pyrex jug and nearly embedding some glass into my foot
  • Hating postmen for not knocking the door when they have a parcel...
  • Mourning the loss of one of my favourite characters in the Greys Anatomy season finale
  • Listening to the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows audio book again
  • Lamenting that ALL the good TV shows are about to end
  • Being even more sad that Dan Harmon (Community creator) is being sacked- I don't think the next season of Community will be the same :(
  • Baking and eating far too much cake (I made this cake again!)
  • Hating the cold weather, and listening to hail on the roof
  • Hoping the forecast of warmer weather next week will be accurate!
  • Watching my Brownies attempt the javelin and discus with straws and paper plates
  • Playing Sims, Amy kept making me create characters from Glee:)
  • Sleeping in (I love weekends!)
  • Drinking far too much coffee
  • Getting nostalgic watching Buffy season 1- I was only 9 when it started!

So that's my week- not a particularly eventful one really, but quite fun on the whole!

How was your week?


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