Sunday, 6 May 2012

Review: Sleek PPQ Me Myself and Eye Palette :)

I wasn't sure I was going to post a review on this palette, because I know it was a special edition and I didn't want to review something that is totally impossible to get hold of! But I looked around and discovered many places selling it- take a look on eBay if you're interested- and since I mentioned it in my favourites I thought I should review it for you :)

I won this palette (along with several other things) from the lovely Rachel of A Pretty Obsession, and to be honest it took me quite a long time to use it a lot- the colour combination if pretty interesting, and I'm sure you'll know that I usually like to play it safe with my eyeshadow choices.

It originally cost £6.49, and it contains 12 eye shadows, and about 13g of product. The packaging is very good- I would've liked a clear window so you can see the product inside (if you have more than one of these Sleek palettes I think it'd be hard to tell them apart) but the case feels very sturdy, and the whole of the inside of the lid is a mirror- very helpful for travel.

Each shade has been given a fun name- which I (for some silly reason) really enjoy!

There's a mixture of matte and shimmery shades (though none with outright glitter) and despite the slightly strange colour combination, a lot of them actually work rather well together. There are a couple of greens, a  gold and a silver, a black (matte) and white (shimmery) and a few reddish toned shadows.

Time for some swatches:

Top Row!

Bottom Row!
Bottom Row- another view!

These shadows all have a lovely smooth texture- including the matte shades (though they are a little more powdery) I really love Fade to Grey- it's such a pigmented silver, and Golden Silvers is a nice cool toned gold for me :) I also really like Barry White- it's shimmeryness makes it perfect as an inner corner highlight!

My most used shades are Supernova and Chris De Burgundy (I use them as crease colours) though I have been inspired to try out new colours on my lids (including Primal Green- and don't normally like green on me, as I have blue eyes!)

All of the shadows have great staying power and don't fade at all (though I always use my e.l.f. eyelid primer) and generally I really like them! They apply easily and blend well :)

Overall I really do recommend this palette, the quality is great! Though I would say you should work out whether you'd use all of the shades- it could be a bit of a waste if you'll only like half of them (especially as you can probably only get them for more than the original RRP) I'm actually quite tempted to look at the other Sleek palettes now, though I definitely don't need any more eyeshadow!

What do you think of Sleek eye shadows? Do you have this palette? (Help me come up with more ways to use it!)


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