Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Review: Tresemme Ceramic Paddle Brush :)

So I was absentmindedly brushing my hair this morning (surely I'm not the only person who randomly stares out of the window whilst brushing my hair for 10 minutes straight?) and I realised that I've not yet got around to posting a review of my hairbrush- and I bought it way back in July! So I thought I should do it, because although it *is* just a hairbrush, I do really love it :)

I'm not a haircare expert by any means, and in fact before this lovely brush I was using a cheap rubbish thing that I'd be horrified to let anywhere near my hair now! But I do know how much of an improvement this brush have given my hair...

Yes these are the original pictures I took when it was new,
but there's hair stuck in it now- not nearly as pretty!

I got this brush for £6.99 at Boots, and I think it was worth every single penny. The brush is about 12cm by 8cm- so about the size of my hand (though my hands are small)- which I love as I can actually brush my hair really fast! It has fairly short, plasticy bristles, and the tips are ceramic, which supposedly speeds up blow drying time, and helps to maintain smooth and frizz free hair.

Now I can't really say anything about reducing drying time- it hasn't made a noticeable time difference, but I can't say I've ever timed myself drying my hair... though it does make the process a lot easier. I have very long (nearly to my bum!) fine hair, and it can be quite a hassle to dry as it likes to get itself into a tangled mess- but with this brush I can easily brush through whilst drying and keep it knot free and sleek when drying.

I have definitely noticed that my hair is much less frizzy and flyaway-prone since I've started using this brush (and I can see a difference if I borrow another brush!) I don't know how it works, but it does! After brushing my hair is much smoother and a little shinier!

I really can't think of a single teeny tiny negative thing to say about this- it's reasonably priced, it's still in perfect condition - no missing tips or anything- after nearly a year of consistent daily use, and it works really well to reduce the dreaded frizz- basically my hair feels lovely after using it :)

Tresemme have a whole range of ceramic tipped brushes so if this large paddle brush isn't your thing I think you'd find something more suited to you- but I cannot recommend this brush enough. Particularly for longer, fine hair (or hair that's prone to frizz!)

What hairbrush do you use?


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  1. My hair is too long... Its very tough to me to comb my hair easily.I also used this types of hair conditioning brush.


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