Saturday, 14 January 2012

Review: Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser :)

When I posted my little haul last week I got several comments requesting a review of this as soon as possible, and now I've been using it for just over a week- and I've thoroughly put it through it's paces- I feel ready to share my thoughts (I hate it when people review things after having something for a day- how can they possibly know how well it works!)

You can get your hands on this Hot Cloth Cleanser at Superdrug. It's RRP is £5.99, but it's currently reduced to £3.99, and is actually on a 2 for £3.99 offer (along with the rest of the Vitamin E range)- from what I've heard the price fluctuates a lot, so who knows how much it will be once this offer finishes...

The cleanser and muslin cloth comes in a box, and I was really surprised to get 200ml of product- I expected the typical 150ml, and assumed that the larger box was to give the muslin cloth room; it just shows that I should probably pay more attention in shops! The muslin cloth is bigger than I expected too- it's about 30cm square.

There are some pretty lovely ingredients in the cleanser- cocoa seed butter is about third on the list as well as almond oil and horse chestnut seed oil and vitamins E, A, H F B5- as well as something very important to me- absolutely no SLS, which I am now very sure my skin reacts to :)

The cleanser is a really thick cream- the texture is similar to a body butter, it felt quite weird to put it on my face at first! It smells really lovely too, creamy and slightly nutty (I guess because of the cocoa butter and horse chestnut seed extract in it) it actually reminds me a little of my brazil nut body butter- but it's not a strong smell so if you don't like it I'm sure it wont actually bother you :)

Hazelnut sized blob- about the
right amount to cover my face :)

Because it is so thick I tend to rub it between my fingers before I put in on my face, just to warm it up and make it easier to massage into my skin (side note: if you want to give yourself a quick facial massage, this works great!) It feels lovely on my skin- definitely not irritating, even in my eyes or on broken skin or eczema patches- and can easily remove all of my make up, even mascara (though I don't generally wear foundation or anything particularly heavy) However I do prefer to remove my eye make up with make up remover and a cotton pad before cleansing, as I want to be as gentle as possible on the skin around my eyes, and removing it with the hot cloth cleanser is a little more abrasive than I'd like.

I really love the muslin cloth (it's actually softer than my Sanctuary one) because I find it so easy to control how much exfoliation I'm giving my skin- if you want to be very gentle you can be (like the eye area), but I can also get right into the 'corners' of my nose (something thats harder to do with less flexible things like my buffer sponge) and exfoliate easily where I need it most :) 

That said, surprisingly enough I've actually noticed the biggest improvement in the skin around my eyes, with my previous cleanser (Neutrogena daily scrub and a facial buffer sponge) I found it far too abrasive to exfoliate around my eyes, but with the muslin cloth I can very gently exfoliate, and my under eye area feels so smooth! In fact my whole face feels so much softer and smoother, I thought my skin felt OK before, but now it feels amazing!

Despite hearing great reviews I was still a little concerned that it may break my out or annoy my skin (which generally hates any change in products) but this has worked SO well for me, I really really cannot rave enough about it. I don't know if it would work for oilier skins (it is marketed for normal to dry skin) - maybe I'll get Amy to test it out for me! But if you have dry and sensitive skin like me, I definitely recommend it.

Will you be trying out a hot cloth cleanser any time soon? (You should!!!) I hope my review has been helpful to you, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask away in the comments :)



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    1. My pleasure, I hope it was helpful :)

  2. Sounds like its a bargain atm!

  3. I love this stuff! It's the one cleanser I can totally rely on to sort my skin out when it starts playing up. I didn't realise it was on offer at the moment, though, thank you for letting us know. I paid £1.99 for my first tube so £5.99 seems a little steep now - cheeky Superdrug!

    1. It's awesome isn't it! :) Yep, it's definitely worth stocking up now! I've seen so many different prices for it, I don't think superdrug can make up their mind what to charge...!


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