Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Nail Polish Collection- Swatched on Nail Wheels!!!

Haha remember when my entire nail polish collection fitted into one drawer... Or two drawers... Well barely 6 months later my collection has expanded A LOT and now spans three drawers. Although admittedly those three drawers also contain most of my nail art tools (my stampers are undergoing a re-organisation, more on that in another post!) and my polishes are more spread out than they were before. I am definitely on a 'no more nail polish' ban for the moment, and painting my nail wheels has helped me see that I really have enough of certain colours...

So my drawer organisation: (apologies for the rubbish pics, but you get the idea!)

Top Drawer
 Brown envelope contains french tip guides, at the top are my nail art brushes and dotting tools, small purse if full of rhinestones and the pinkish pouch on the right has clippers/ scissors/ cuticle pushers. The polishes are: Left- glitters/layering shades and Right- base and top coats.

Middle Drawer
Front Section has my cuticle remover, some nail buffers and a sponge, and along the side are a couple more cuticle removers. The polishes are: Left-  blacks, greys, white and silvers, Middle- pinks and Right -purples.

Bottom Drawer
Front Section- browns, Left- Blues, Top Right- Oranges and Reds, Bottom Right- Greens and Yellows.

And now for my nail wheels. I really enjoyed painting these, it was fun to be able swatch then compare every polish I have (and thankfully I only have a couple that are close dupes to each other!) I found it quite relaxing actually :) All polishes are listed clockwise from the black dot below the top 'nail'


Models Own Pro French Pink, 17 Pinking Sheer, e.l.f. Fair Pink, e.l.f. Nude, e.l.f. Light Pink, Natural Collection pink (nameless) 17 Palm Beach, Models Own Pro Hot Salmon, e.l.f. Champagne, e.l.f. Passion Pink, e.l.f. Berry Pink, Barry M Fuchsia, e.l.f. Mod Mauve, e.l.f. Sunset, e.l.f. Rosy Raisin, Revlon Facets of Fuchsia.


17 Risky Red, e.l.f. Light Red, e.l.f. Red Velvet, Nails Inc. Tate, e.l.f. Medium Red, e.l.f. Dark Red, Revlon Ruby Ribbon (tip has a shiny top coat).


Avon Sahara, Revlon Peach Smoothie, Models Own Pro Clementine, Models Own Fuzzy Peach, e.l.f. Mango Madness, Wet'n'Wild Orange Creme, Nails Inc. Copacabana.


Models Own Lemon Meringue, Revlon Sunshine Sparkles, Barry M Pale Yellow.


Models Own Pro YasMint, e.l.f. Mint Cream, China Glaze For Audrey, Models Own Jade Stone, e.l.f. Teal Blue, George Shipwrecked, Models Own Top Turquoise, No7 Dollar, Revlon Emerald City (tip has a shiny top coat.)


Revlon Blue Lagoon, Technic Siona Island, Models Own Beths Blue, Primark Cornflower, No7 Minty Fresh, 17 Wave, Models Own Feeling Blue, No7 Poolside Blue, Barry M Indigo, Black Radiance Gimmie Blue, Chicogo Africa, 17 Magnetised Blue, Models Own Pro Midnight Blue, e.l.f. Dark Navy, Rimmel Midnight Blue, No7 Bettys Blue.


George Be Mine, No7 Lucky Lilac, e.l.f. Lilac, XOX Purple (no name) Barry M Bright Purple, e.l.f. Punk Purple, e.l.f. Purple Pleaser, e.l.f. Purple Dream, e.l.f. Party Purple, e.l.f. Royal Purple, Carrol Vixen, 17 Magnetised Lilac, e.l.f Plum, No7 Blackberry, Natural Collection Cosmic Crush, No7 Violetta.


 Nails Inc. Basil Street, e.l.f. Desert Haze, e.l.f. Smoky Brown, e.l.f Chocolate, 17 Revenge, George Movie Star, Models Own Purple Grey. (close up of L-R: Revenge, Movie Star and Purple Grey)

Black, White, Grey, Silver:

Barry M Silver Foil Effect, M&S Rainbow, Models Own Snow White, George Witchcraft, Models Own Grey Day, Barry M Grey, No7 Night Silver, e.l.f. Metal Madness, No7 Beautifully Black, 17 Nightshade, e.l.f. Black. (close up of L-R: Night Silver, Metal Madness, Beautifully Black, Nightshade and Black)

Glitters and Top Coats:

e.l.f. Pearl, e.l.f Pearl Pink, e.l.f Moonlight, e.l.f. Blush, Natural Collection Lunar Haze, NYC Scarlette, George Ultraviolet, Cutex Driftwood, Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat, e.l.f. Twinkle, 17 Glitter Top Coat, Meteorites Meteor Shower, Barry M Silver Glitter, e.l.f. Glitter Glam, Models Own Pro Swan Lake, Barry M Red Glitter (tip has two coats) Andrea Fullerton Gemstone Overcoat.

So that's my collection, I'm hoping it wont grow too much in the near future, I think I have more than enough polishes to entertain me! What's your collection like? How do you store and organise your polishes?



  1. OMG You are soo organised.. I love it! Plus I am very jealous of your collection :D xx

    1. Hehe I know, sometimes I'm TOO organised though! Thank you :)

  2. pretty swatches and very neat and organised x

    1. Thank you :) I think neat and organised could be my middle names!

  3. How many polishes do you have? I think I'm at 120?

    1. I think my collection is about 121 (last count before Christmas I had 118 but I've gained a few since then!) :)


  4. I couldn't have my polishes stored that way, even with the swatches on top. I have a shelf with all mine on. But I have had to add more shelves! I think I have every colour I could ever need however then there are different finishes, glitter, holo, chromes, magnetic, flakies, duochromes... ahhh!

    1. I'd quite like to have all my polishes on display but I don't have much wall space! Me too, I cannot possibly need more polish, I can't resist glitters or flakies though... :)

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  6. Oops, my fat thumbs (on a smartphone) strike again! Got half way through and knocked the 'publish' button, hence the deleted comment - sorry! Oh well - here's take two! ;-)
    Happily stumbled on your blog post, even though yes, it's 2015! But it made me smile... I have a ridiculously large collection of nail polishes that I'm currently swatching - and I have to agree, it's really enjoyable! I've found it really helpful to then note the colour name on the back of each with a pretty Sharpie, and I'm hoping to upload the lot to a spreadsheet soon, so's I can keep track of what I have (or haven't) got!
    I'm always on a 'no more nail polish' ban - usually just after I've raided eBay for another gorgeous bargain ;-) so if you really want to cut back on your nail spending, all I can do is wish you luck - if you're anything like me, you're gonna need it, lol!! Take care - Tricia x


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