Monday, 16 January 2012

Challenge Week 16: Splatter Nails!!!

I've been excited about this challenge for a while now, splatter nails always look so cool and fun to do :) I've done splatter effect nails before, but for that I used a dotting tool to place polish just where I wanted it, and I wanted to use the straw technique this time to get a much more random pattern!

I used normal sized straws- I think I bought them from Ikea- though I've heard you can get good results with really thin straws (Thick straws did not work out well for me, they distributed far too much polish!) I chose almost pastely shades- nothing too bright, and my base colour is a lovely pink shimmery polish which I am sure is Natural Collection, but it's years old and at some point got polish spilled all over it so there's no longer any form of label...

One straw for each polish

Natural Collection Pink, XOX Purple, Primark Cornflower, Barry M Fuchsia

I didn't bother taping up my fingers before I splattered my nails, I just made sure I wiped off the polish with a cotton bud dipped in acetone as soon as I could, before the polish dried- which worked pretty well for me, the end clean up was very fast and easy.

I am rather glad I newspapered my work surface though, it was quite a messy undertaking :)

Anyway, onto the actual nails! :

I think my ring finger and thumb came out best, my index finger is a bit of a fail really, wayyy too much polish got splattered on! I was actually quite surprised at how easy it was, there's no real knack to it- more like blind luck at how the polish comes out! And I really like that you will never ever get the same results twice!

Have you ever tried splatter nails?



  1. These look like fun! I just put Vaseline around my nails if I'm doing something messy since you can just wipe the polish right off!

    1. They are! It made a nice change from having to be all neat :) Oh yeah I always forget about that technique (which is silly because I ALWAYS have vaseline near me!)

  2. Those look super cool :) I like the colours you chose.


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