Sunday, 22 January 2012

Review: Rescue Oil.

This is yet another product that I've been meaning to review for a really long time (I bought it in July last year!) and I've finally gotten around to it! :)

I got my bottle of rescue oil for a whole £1 in a poundshop- they almost always have them in so I recommend looking in your local poundshop for them, they are sold in other shops and online, but it usualy costs around £3. The bottle contains 40ml of oil, and is full of great ingredients- comparable to much more expensive versions (like Bio Oil) - including peach kernal oil, sweet almond oil and evening primrose oil. It has no mineral oil and has been 'dermatologically approved' for sensitive skin, and it's not been tested on animals (yay!). You can read a full list of ingredients and instructions on their website if you wish.

I really really love this product, I use it for a lot of different things and it's brilliant! It is really moisturising, and sinks into my skin quite fast (although obviously it is an oil, so it generally wont sink in as fast as a cream) it smells pretty nice too, a sweet scent, but it is very subtle, and there are no artifical frangrances (the scent comes from the peach, almond and evening primrose oils) so I don't think that would bother anyone.

It works really well to moisturise extra-dry patches on my skin, and has helped to clear up eczema and chapped skin (oh how I hate winter!). On days where my whole face has been particularly dry I've actually used it in place of my regular moisturiser (at night)- it moisturises and relieves the irritation of dry patches, and has never clogged my pores (though I have only done this a few times, and never more than one night in a row) I also quite frequently use it as an eye moisturiser on days when the skin feels irritated, as I know my skin wont react badly to it :)

I also really like to use it as a nail and cuticle treatment, this is a little more messy than my e.l.f. cuticle pen, but I use it at night to coat my nails and rub it into my cuticles- and again it's really moisturising.

Considering it is an oil, there aren't too many ways to create practical packaging, - but I think this is pretty good. The small hole in the top allows only a small amount of oil to come out at a time, so it isn't too hard to only get the amount you need onto your fingers/cotton bud etc. without flooding everything with excess oil.

Overall, I really recommend gettting your hands on one of these little lovelies, for £1 it is an absolute bargain, and although I've had (and been using) mine for months I've only used up about 1/2 cm of oil from the bottle- a little goes a long way. This would be especially good for those with dry and sensitive skin- it's moisturising and not at all irritating, but it will also work really well for someone wanting a nice cuticle or nail oil.

Have you used Rescue Oil? Or anything similar? If so, what are your thoughts?



  1. I really like this for my nose when I have a cold. Its great for getting rid of dry painful patches!

  2. Ooh good idea, (I think I'm actually getting a cold... I may be able to use this idea soon!) it's brilliant isn't it :)

  3. i won a thing of bio oil from a excited to see if it compares to this...thanks for this review!

    1. Ooh that would be really interesting- I wonder if it's worth the 10x higher price tag! I hope you'll review it :)

  4. I love this stuff. I smother it all over my legs after shaving them. I also use it on my décolleté to help minimise wrinkles. It smell fab too.

  5. Just started using it as an anti wrinkle. I ll give it some time to see if it works. Love the fact that it's natural

  6. Is great for the very delicate eye area
    Crows feet lines. I love live in nz and scored this at a discount shop.its a secret wee it for hand skin as well..easy place woman show Aging. It's made my acne scars diminish alot...(thankful) it's also lovely to heal wind capped lips.(put some raw brown sugar tsp.and tsp of honey rub into lips to exfoliate wipe off with warm damp cloth, use the oil for 3 days onto ur lips often..) boom..supple healed lush lips!


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