Monday, 9 January 2012

Challenge Week 15: Inspired by a Song :)

It took me rather a long time to come up with a song for this weeks 52 Week Challenge theme, but I decided to shuffle all of my music and keep skipping until I came across something- a Sound of Music song came on, and inspiration hit me- My Favourite Things :)

I know Maria mentions lots of favourite things in her song, but I only have 5 nails (nail art on my right hand is never going to be very good...) so I chose: brown paper packages tied up with string, raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes :)

'brown paper packages tied up with string', 'raindrops on roses',
 'whiskers on kittens' and 'girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes'

'Snowflakes that stay on
my nose and eyelashes'

As you can imagine, I used rather a lot of different colours this week (very different from last weeks simple black & white look) 

e.l.f. Smokey Brown, Desert Haze, Nude, 17 Risky Red and barry M Silver Foil.

Models Own Snow White, LA Colours Art deco liner (black)
e.l.f. Pearl and No7 Minty Fresh.

Small nail art brush, and teeny dotter

Plates m52 and m11

I used e.l.f. Nude as a base for my ring, index and thumb. My little finger was e.l.f. Smokey Brown with Desert haze drawn over the top as the string. For my ring finger I used 17 Risky Red to stamp the rose (with plate m11) and Barry M Silver Foil with a tiny dotting tool to create the 'raindrops'.

My middle finger was Models Own Snow White (surprise surprise) with my new black Art deco striper from LA Colours to make the whiskers and dots. On my index finger I used e.l.f. Pearl to draw on the dress shape, and No 7 Minty Fresh for the 'blue satin shash', and finally, on my thumb I stamped snowflakes (plate m52) with Barry M Silver Foil.

So these are a few of my favourite things, what are yours?



  1. These are wonderful!! :D I also love the song you chose for these nails. ^-^ What a wonderful movie that reminds me of my childhood! Also... those elf polishes are gorgeous!! :O

    A few of my favorite things are... nail polish, tea, warm fuzzy socks, books... :D

  2. Thank you :) Me too- I cannot be unhappy when I hear it :) You should definitely give e.l.f. polishes a try, they're super cheap and really good!

    Ooh I'm with you on everything but the tea (can't stand it myself)


  3. This is adorable! The white dresses with blue sashes nail is my favorite :) I haven't done my nails for this week yet though (The pandas are so cuuuute, I refuse to change till they chip)

  4. Thanks Pryanka :) Yeah I think it might be my favourite too - and I'm glad because I freehanded it and it actually came out ok! OMG polish must last so well on your nails- jealous!

  5. Wonder if I have that snowflake stamping plate? Looks lush! I need to get my thinking head on as to what I will be doing this week. x

  6. I hope you do- it's a great stamp :) I'm sure you'll come up with something awesome- can't wait to see!


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