Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I was given a Cute Blogger Award! :)

Just a little post from me today- I had planned to make a start on my (rather long) list of items to review, but I've I've had a busy day and it was the first week back at Brownies and I forgot how much hard work they are! (I'm now one tired blogger!)

So the Lovely Kristy of My Glittery Obsessions (I love that name!) tagged me in the Cute Blog Award- thank you so much Kristy! :)

And the questions:

1) What is your go-to make up product?

I guess if I couldn't wear anything else I'd pick concealer, just so I can cover up my under eye circles and look a bit more alive! If my skin was looking OK I think I'd pick mascara :)

2) What was your favourite fashion trend of 2011?

I don't really follow fashion much, but my favourite nail trend has been magnetic polishes!

3) What is your favourite desert?

Cake! I love cake- particularly coffee flavour, or maybe a good tiramisu (which I must share the recipe for soon!) or lemon meringue pie.

4) Favourite colour?

Purple, but possible grey (as you can probably tell from my blog design) or turquoise.

5) What is your middle name?

Eleanor. I don't think it was picked for any particular reason, but I like it :)

6) What was the last song you listened to?

Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables :)

7) Cats or Dogs?

Well I think cats are very cute but I'm very allergic so I just associate them with feeling really ill- so definitely dogs for me!

And something about me that you didn't already know?

The first beauty video I ever saw on YouTube was the wonderful Oxford Jasmine (her Halloween cat make up video) I was hooked immediately and watched through almost all of her other videos within a week- thanks to Jasmine I discovered beauty videos and blogs and I don't think I'd be here typing this if it weren't for her! :)

And people I want to tag:

I think all of the people I would have tagged have already received the award from someone else, so instead of tagging individual people, I'll say that if I follow your blog it's because I love it, and I want you all to be tagged! I'll be updating the tabs at the top of my page to include a huge list of blogs I really love too :)


 p.s. Why is it that the blogger spell check doesn't recognise the words 'blog' or 'blogger' as real words...


  1. Congratulations!! :D Yeah, blogger spell check is missing quite a few words I have found!
    I am very glad that you started blogging; your blog is so fun!! ^-^

  2. Thank you Ashesela :) It misspells some really silly things doesn't it! Aww thank you, I am too!


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