Monday, 30 January 2012

Challenge Week 18: Inspired by a Film/TV Show! (Doctor Who Nails!!!!!!)

Sorry there were no posts from me this weekend- I had planned to make cupcakes (black bottomed cheesecake cupcakes!) and post the recipe, as well as a review on my Sanctuary cleanser, but a combination of feeling ill, and catching up with friends (my best friend has finally come back to the UK after several years at uni in America!) delayed me somewhat... But I'm feeling a bit better today (though Amy has had the day off of school :( ) and I've painted my nails!

This weeks 52 week challenge theme is inspired by a TV show or film, and after a few seconds thought, I knew I had to do Doctor Who nails- I've been wanting to do them for a while, and this is the perfect opportunity/excuse! :)

Despite my eagerness, it took me a while to think of 5 things to paint on my nails- my artistic 'talent' is still lacking (though I think I am getting better with a brush) and limits me a little (I would have loved to do Weeping Angels and Cybermen, but I know they wouldn't turn out as I'd like), but I decided upon (obviously) a TARDIS, the 11th Doctors bow tie, a Dalek, a galaxy nail and tally marks (like Amy's arms at the start of series 6, some of my favourite episodes).

And instead of trying to describe each nail individually, here are a few close-ups :)

Little Finger- Tally Marks!

e.l.f. Nude, Black Art Deco Liner

This was a pretty simple one, I used two coats of e.l.f. Nude, then added the tally marks using my LA Colours Art Deco liner (I'm so glad I found this in poundland!)

Ring Finger- The TARDIS

No7 Poolside Blue, Black Art Deco Liner, Models Own
Snow White, No7 I'm Exquisite

No Doctor Who nail art would be complete without a TARDIS, and luckily I found a really good TARDIS blue polish recently, No7 Poolside Blue (which will now always be TARDIS blue in my head) I used one coat of that (it's a brilliant polish!) then added the lines for the door and roof with the Art Deco Liner. With a small nail art brush I added in the windows and the Police Telephone sign with Models Own Snow White, and topped it all of with a tiny dot of I'm Exquisite for the light on top :)

Middle Finger- Galaxy

Models Own Pro Midnight Blue, Natural Collection Lunar Haze,
George Ultraviolet, e.l.f. Blush, e.l.f. Pearl, Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat

Capturing the whole of time and space on one little nail is hard, but I tried my best- I used two coats of Models Own Midnight Blue, a beautiful deep blue with lots of navy glitter, then 'sponged' with a cotton bud (I wanted something really small) little bits of Lunar Haze Ultraviolet, Blush and Pearl over the nail. I then added dots of e.l.f. Pearl as stars/planets, and added a final coat of the Collection 2000 Sparkle Top Coat :)

Index Finger- Bow Ties are Cool!

17 Nail Tip Whitener, 17 Risky Red

Another simple nail; I used a nail tip whitener instead of a white polish- as The Doctor rarely wears a pure white shirt, this is a good off-white alternative- it took three coats. Then I added stripes of Risky Red as his braces (unfortunately they are a little off-centre... perhaps you hadn't noticed?) then used a tiny dotting tool and a small brush to draw on his bow-tie :)

Thumb- Dalek

No7 I'm Exquisite, e.l.f. Blush

Instead of drawing a whole Dalek, I thought I'd go for a more abstract nail- with just a gold background and the round stud things (what the heck are they called...?)  that cover the Daleks bodywork. I painted two coats of I'm Exquisite (a silly name for a Dalek colour!) then added dots of e.l.f. Blush with a larger dotting tool.

So there are my TV inspired nails- I love them! And I'm ready for The Doctor to appear in my garden now :)

What's your favourite TV show? Has it ever been inspired to do nail art?



  1. Yay! Doctor Who and polish are two of my favourite things, and are improved tenfold by being combined together :)


    1. My sentiments exactly! Glad you like it :)

  2. Pretty awesome! I did some Doctor Who nails for a con last summer, but I don't think I started my blog until about a month after, so I don't have the pictures posted anywhere unfortunately. I went for 10 different things instead of 5, but I also included the bow tie, dalek, tardis, and check marks, as well as an adipose, the DW logo, a sonic, "bad wolf", a torchwood logo, and the crack from amy's wall.

    1. Thank you :) Oh wow, what a shame you didn't take pictures, I bet they were amazing! And I'm sure the adipose was adorable! :)


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