Sunday, 7 August 2011

What's in my travel make up bag?

I'm off for a week of 'holiday' with my Brownie group tomorrow- I thought I'd show you what I'm packing in my make up bag :)

First of all, I've got my actual make up bag- which is my new one from e.l.f. (you can see pictures of it in this post) A surprising amount of stuff fits in here, this is the contents of the larger pocket:

So, on the top 'row' is a small bottle of eye make up remover, my collection 2000 Sparkle top coat and an Almay 'grow healthy' nail polish. In the tubs (white lids) is my vaseline and moisturiser, then below is my DIY Lip Scrub and below that- a tiny pot of Neutrogena hand cream.

Next is my Natural Collection eyeshadow duo in Mink/Sable and MUA shade 1. Then it's e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner (in coffee, of course) my Posie Tint sample and the concealer end of the e.l.f. Under eye Concealer and Highlighter (I broke the centre black bit)

Then there's more e.l.f. products- the studio concealer stick, and regular line eyeshadow primer, as well as their Brightening Eye Liners in  Coffee and Ash- and my eyelash curler.

This is the contents of the small flap/mesh pocket section:
A travel mirror (this happens to be an e.l.f. one) the brush for my Cream Eyeliner and a little spooly. Next along is the MUA Heaven and Earth palette, 17 Lash Defining mascara and 3 e.l.f. brushes- the eyeshadow brush, blending eye brush and the total face brush (and now, I realise I forgot to photograph my pressed powder and blush...)

This little clear pouch is my 'bathroom bag'. More Neutrogena hand cream (Because I'm doing all the cooking this week I'll be washing my hands approximately 20,000 times a day- y hands will need a lot of attention!) My Neutrogena face wash (the blackhead eliminating scrub) Dove antiperspirant/ deodorant and Dove body moisturiser (a sample bottle) As well as some boring essentials- a toothbrush and toothpaste!

And finally, this little bag contains my 'shower kit' which is simply a body puff, Dove shower cream (another sample bottle) and a Pantene shampoo in a small bottle.

I'm really sorry that I'll be totally AWOL next week, I had hoped to schedule a post each day I am away, but I've been super-busy organising everything (and myself) and I've just not had the time :(

Don't miss me too much!!! :p


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