Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Review: Models Own Nail Polish.

It's about time for another brand overview post, and this time it's the turn of Models Own polishes :)

Models Own are (I think) a fairly new brand which focuses on bright and on trend shades- with a full range of nail polish, face, eye and lip products sold on their website and at Boots stores (as well as asos and River Island.) Each polish is £5 (crackle polishes- in some very cool colours- and the nail art pen-which I really want!- are £6 each) and contains 14ml of product. There is a new 'pro' range, which retails at £8 for 16ml available at Boots.

Pastel Pink, Feeling Blue, Lemon Meringue. Grey Day, Fuzzy Peach.

I have 5 shades from Models Own and I love them all :) I have mostly pastely shades but I think the grey is my favorite- I don't know why but I really really love grey polish (actually grey anything, it's quite strange really) and the blue is also lovely, it was one of the few polishes I took travelling (and I'm not at all bored of it) so now it reminds me of beaches, it looks great with a tan :)

As usual, please ignore the messy cuticles, I was in a rush...

The formula of these polishes is generally good- they are not particularly fast drying (they don't claim to be) but drying time is reasonable. The formula is a little thicker than other polishes (like Barry M or e.l.f.) but they are really easy to apply, look great with 2 coats and will stay on chip-free for several days :)

The pink and yellow polishes (my two palest shades) are a little more difficult to work with; they are quite streaky and seem to have an even more gloopy formula to the others- therefore it requires 3 (or sometimes 4) coats. Of course this could be down to nothing more than the pale shade (it does seem harder to get good pale shades with any brand) but it concerns me a little when there is so much inconsistency within a brand. having said that, with the yellow in particular, the results are worth the effort- I love this shade!

One small issue for me is the brush/top- the brush itself is pretty standard and works well, but the top of the brush is the whole width of the bottle, and for me it's a little too wide and short to grip onto and use really comfortably. It's clearly not a huge issue as the polishes are still (obviously) usable, just something to bear in mind if (like me) you are a bit clumsy with polish.

I bought my polishes in a sale a while ago- and I'm not completely sure I'd pay full price for them, £5 is quite reasonable, but I personally prefer the formulation and the brush of the Barry M or e.l.f. polishes. Though there are some pretty awesome colours (I have my eye on Jade Stone and Purple Grey) so they are definitely worth a look. Boots currently has them on a 'buy two, get a free crackle' offer, and if the Models Own Facebook page reaches 50,000 likes (they're currently at about 30,000) by the end of summer they're doing a 50% sale

Do you like Models Own polishes?


P.S. Whilst I was 'researching' this post, I came across the Boots Nail Bar tool which lets you 'try on' different brands and colours of polish- I had rather a lot of fun playing with it!


  1. Wow I'd never seen the nail bar tool! Good find :D. I love Models Own polish, they sent me some recently and I was really impressed! That baby pink colour is gorgeous! Might have to go and buy it :D.

  2. It's amazing what you can find on the internet! OPI have a fun nail bar tool too (also wasted hours of my life on that...) The baby pink is awesome, but it is kinda hard to use (as pale colours often are)


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