Monday, 29 August 2011

Tag- Make up Firsts!

The lovely Melanie of AdoraBeauty has made up a tag post and I'd thought I'd post mine.

For many people (me included) the first dabble in make up was courtesy of mums make up drawer. I have really fond memories of watching my mum getting ready, and marvelling at all the stuff she put on her face! I did quite a few dance shows when I was young, and that was probably the first make up I ever wore (overdone stage make up, love it!) but it wasn't until I was about 13 or 14 that I actually started wearing make up properly (I use the term properly quite loosely, as I'm sure I looked terrible on many occasions!)

1) 1st Foundation.

I'm not really a foundation wearer, and I never have been, so I think my first foundation is the one I currently own- the e.l.f. mineral foundation. I quite like it, it gives a fairly good coverage and doesn't look cakey, but I think it is slightly too yellowy for me.

2) 1st Powder.

I'm not sure about this actually, but I have a feeling it's a Natural Collection one. I've used up quite a few pressed powders, and I think all of them have been Natural Collection- as far as I'm aware pressed powders are pretty much all the same- why pay more then £1.99!

3) 1st Eyeshadow.

I have three single eyeshadows that were given to me by my mum. I hate to think how old they are now, but at least the two silver eyeshadows aren't too much of a make up crime! (the blue, probably not so much...)

Avon Making Eyes in Pure Silver, Revlon Custom Eyes in Silver Lace, Images (by St. Michael) in Indigo

4) 1st Mascara

I know my first mascara was from Avon's colour trend range (I think they've probably stopped making the particular one now) but it was most likely something like this one:

5) 1st Eyeliner

I'm fairly certain it was another colour trend product- most definitely in a harsh black colour!

6) 1st Blush

I didn't really use blush until very recently (when I saw someone write that people who didn't wear blush were letting down all the hard work they did on the other parts of their face) So actually, I think my first blush was an e.l.f. one, probably this one in Glow

7) 1st Concealer.

This one I have absolutely no idea about, sorry :(

8) 1st Lip Colour

This might not count as a lip colour, but this was definitely my first lip product- if you were a child in the 90's I bet you'll recognise them!

I love hearing about everyones make up firsts, I tag all of you to post yours! :)



  1. Thanks for completing the tag!

    And omg Chapstick Flava Craze! haha

  2. It was a pleasure- thank you for inventing it!!!

    Hehe I know- just seeing the picture brough back memories of Junior school where absolutely everyone had them :)



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