Tuesday, 23 August 2011

If money were no object #2

As you may remember it was my birthday recently and although I'm useless at deciding what I might like as a gift, I do like to dream about things that are not really within my price range (birthday or not...)

First on my list is actually a possibility for purchase, I still have birthday money left over (despite my recent spending spree); I'm just trying to track down the cheapest place to buy it (any tips?) China Glaze For Audrey (a beautiful Tiffany blue shade) was a real love at first sight polish, I first saw it quite a while ago now, but because it's so hard to get hold of in the UK (making it quite expensive) I've never bought it- perhaps I will now (realistically it's only a matter of time.)

I'll direct you to this lovely cherry blossom nail art by OMG! Polish 'em to see this shade in all it's glory :) A close contender is the Eyeko Vintage polish- a lovely green shade (sold here) :)

Next up is Angel box sets- I have all the Buffy box sets (I love anything made by Joss Whedon- like Firefly, Dollhouse etc.) and I'd quite like to be able to watch all the Angel episodes all over again. Mostly because I really love the show, but I guess partly because David Boreanaz is so much fun to look at :p (seriously, if you don't know what he looks like- google image search!!!) I generally really enjoy having box sets- I have all the Sex and the City series, and my sister has all the Friends- I think it's partly because I hate having to wait a week between watching each episode on TV, I'm far too impatient (I sometimes even wait until a series is finished to watch it so I can watch all the episodes together!)

Something that is firmly on my 'when I finally get a proper job and can afford to save up for things' list is laser eye surgery- I wear glasses most of the time and I don't really like them... I would love to wear contacts all the time but I am a bit too lazy, and they are quite expensive for me as I have an astigmatism- so instead I am waiting patiently until I can afford to have my vision corrected permanently (I'm also thinking that the longer I wait the better and more effective the technology will be) It might seem really expensive (probably somewhere between £600-£1000) but if I add up the cost of all the pairs of glasses and sets of contact lenses I wont have to buy, I think it'll work out well :)

And finally, although I'm perfectly happy with my standard Samsung phone I think an iPhone would be super fun- it has all sorts of stuff to play with and I'd never have to be away from Facebook or Blogger (may or may not be a good thing really) but realistically I've never really been able to work anything made by apple (I hate iPods- I love creative mp3 players- and I practically cried when I had to use an apple computer once, they are SO confusing!) and they are just so expensive, I'm not convinced they are worth it.

What would you buy if money were no object?


p.s. I think the MUA Heaven and Earth palette has completely satisfied my desire to own the Urban Decay Naked palette, I love it! :)


  1. Nice blog post, I always get my polishes from this ebay store: http://shop.ebay.com/beautyzone2007/m.html

  2. Thank you :) Ooh awesome, I'll have to check it out!!!

  3. I had a creative zen vision m, and recently broke. Was gutted, I am the same when it comes to apple: over priced and there are better products out there.

    If money were no object I too would get my eyes sorted out, and I'm totally with you on the toric lens thing, why more expensive?! Well along with that thread there is so much surgery I would have lol! On a shallower note, all the Lippmann glitters would be mine! :D

  4. I think mines on its way out too :( Time for a new one! I know isn't it silly!? I HATE shopping for glasses though (I'm super-fussy, but they'll be on my face 24/7!) I'm almost considering going for lenses soon...

    Oh they are so beautiful! I hate to think how many polishes I'd end up with if I were let loose with an unlimited budget- I'd have to buy a new house to fit them in!!!


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