Monday, 15 August 2011

Nail of the Day: Barry M Fuchsia with e.l.f. Glitter Glam :)

Hello again, apologies for my absence over the past week, as I mentioned in my travel make up bag post I've been away with my Brownie group- there were 15 7-11 year olds, and 8 leaders (including me) and we did lots of craft, clowning around (our theme was the circus this year) and earning several badges, I had a lot of fun but it was very hard work  and I think I've only just caught up on sleep!

After putting my nails through last week (approximately 20,000 hand-washes and washing up sessions a day)with only boring clear polish on my nails (in an attempt to protect them) I decided I needed something really bright and girly on my nails (I think 7-year-old me would've LOVED these!)

I chose Bary M Fuchsia with e.l.f. Glitter Glam over the top (with a top coat of Sally Hansen NailShine Miracle, to combat the gritty glitter feeling I hate so much)

With Flash- Look how pink and sparkly!!! :)

No Flash- Still beautifully pink, less sparkly!

Barry M Fuchsia, e.l.f. Glitter Glam and Sally Hansen NailShine Miracle.

The combination of painting my nails again, blogging again (and a little too much caffeine) have made me really excitable- I can't believe how much I missed blogging, and reading blogs (good job too, I've got at least 300 unread posts waiting for me on my Google Reader!!) though I think it did me good to have a 'blogging break' I'm now glad to be back with lots of ideas for new posts! :)

What have you all been up to whilst I was away? Are you a fan of super-girlish-glittery nails?



  1. I help out with a Guide group but I haven't had the pleasure of a camp yet. Seeing the 70 year old tents they have to take has put me off! xxx

  2. Hehe, Brownies are a little easier in the respect- we slept inside with full kitchen facilites! :) I've slept in lots of those old tents though (I used to help out at a guide group too) and they are surprisingly cosy!

  3. These are great colours, I order the glitter one from Elf so quite excited to get it.

  4. Glitter Glam is such a good glittery top coat- it can look silver and gold depending on the light and it's background colour! :)


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