Monday, 22 August 2011

Review: MUA Professional Eyeshadow Palette, Starry Night.

Despite my love of the Heaven and Earth Palette I'd sort of convinced myself that I didn't 'need' this Starry Night palette, because I have quite a few similar shades. However, I was in Superdrug spending my birthday money and it sucked me in- I really love silvery and blue shadows as I think they suit me (with my blue eyes and cool-toned skin) Plus this shade has some lovely purple and pink shades which I've never really used before- how could I pass it up at just £4?

As with the Heaven and Earth palette all of these 12 shadows are shimmery, though the black is fairly matte (none have glittery chunks) so you may want to pair it with a matte shadow if (like me) you're not a huge fan of all-shimmery looks.

The pigmentation and texture is of the same quality as the Heaven and Earth palette, they can be a little powdery but are very easy to use- I've worn these shadows practically every day since I got the palette and I've never had any problems with fading, creasing or fall-out.

Left side

Right side

Swatch time! Sorry some of them are not so brilliant, my camera was being a bit grumpy and because a lot of the shades are so beautiful and shimmery they simply don't photograph too well. I think each picture gives a fairly good idea of the shade though :)

Top Row, Left side
pale purple, pink, deep grey.

Top Row, Right side
silver, denim blue, almost matte black.

Bottom Row, Left side.
grey (think pencil lead colour) shimmery white, sparkly silver.

Bottom Row, Right side.
pale blue, auberginy blue, and dark pinky purple.

I have quite a few favorites from the palette already, the first shadow of the top left trio is a perfect silver shade, I like to use it all over my lid with another favorite, the middle of the bottom right trio- a beautiful auberginey/bluey shade. The blue colours are also favorites, I think it's quite difficult to get blue shades without reminding everyone of the 80's style bright pastel blue trend, but the top right middle shade reminds me of shimmery denim and works really well in the crease for me.

As I expected, I really love this palette and definitely recommend it absolutely everyone, it's only £4 (from Superdrug) but the quality is brilliant and has some lovely and unique colours.

What are your thoughts on the Starry Nights palette?


p.s. I've just spotted the Dusk (haha, just edited a typo- 'duck til dawn' sounds fun though!) Til Dawn palette and I think I may have to investigate next time I visit Superdrug, do any of you have it? Please let me know what you think!


  1. I love the Starry night palette along with many of the other MUA ones :)


  2. very pretty shimmery shadows, great swatches x

  3. I love the Starry night palette, think I actually prefer it to heaven & earth xx

  4. Charlee do you have any of the other palettes? I'd love it if you had swatches :)

    Thanks Nicole, glad they're ok (I had some real problems photographing them!) it is such a beautiful palette :)

    Stundon I'm starting to agree now- I've been using it everyday!



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