Thursday, 18 August 2011

Review: Revlon Nail Polish!

Here's another brand overview post- this time I'm reviewing Revlon polishes :)

I was pleased to discover today that Revlon don't test on animals- in my head I had them down as 'just another massive cosmetic company that does' (like Loreal etc.) The company has been going since 1932 but remain modern and up to date with their products; they have the full range of lip, cheek, eye, face and nail products, but I think I've only ever had nail polish from them. Their nail polishes are on the high side for 'drugstore'- each polish is £6.29 (although you do get 14.7ml which is quite a bit more than others such as e.l.f. and Barry M) but they are often on special offer (I bought mine when they were on 3 for 2) so keep your eyes peeled in Boots :)

I have 5 Revlon polishes (well, 2 of them are really my sisters, but they live in my house and I think I use them more than her- I may as well own them!) 3 from their Scented collection, and two from their Summer Romantics collection:

Scented: Passion Fruit, Ocean Breeze and Peach Smoothie
Regular: Sunshine Sparkle and Blue Lagoon.

The second I saw Peach Smoothie I knew it had to be mine- it is a perfect nudish peach with golden shimmer. I'm a sucker for pastel shades, and pastel shades with shimmer- awesome! Ocean Breeze is a lovely 'mermaid' colour, and Passion Fruit is a pretty unique shade- a dark pink/purpley/mauve (I'm so good at descriptions...) shade, with no shimmer- I love them all! Here are some swatches (not super-neat, as always- but you get the gist- aren't they all beautiful!?) 

Peach Smoothie, Sunshine Sparkle, Blue Lagoon

Ocean Breeze, Passion Fruit

The formula of Revlon polishes is quite liquidy- much like Barry M and you can get full coverage in two coats (with the exception of Sunshine Sparkle and Blue Lagoon which are three coaters, though they are so pale I'd expect that) You have to be quite careful as they can look streaky, but this isn't a problem for me if I actually pay attention (and don't try to watch something on tv whilst painting my nails...) They last pretty well too- I can usually go at least 2 days with no tip wear, but they do tend to flake off all at once as soon as a little more damage has occured (also not something that really bothers me, as I change my polish every 3/4 days anyway, and small chips are enough to annoy me into removing polish)

I'm not too sure where I stand on the whole 'scented polish' thing- they still smell 'nail polishey' when you apply it- which is the only time I really notice the smell of nail polish (how often do you smell your nails?) but the polishes are of the same quality as the regular polishes I have (and are the same price) so I see it as an added bonus. The Ocean Breeze and Passion Fruit polishes smell ok, but Peach Smoothie smells delicious- and I STILL can't place what exactly the scent reminds me of (I'm furiously sniffing my little finger to try and work it out... please help!)

The brush and top are very good (possibly my favorite of all the brands I've tried)- the brush itself is quite long and thin- making for easy and neat application, and the top is also quite long and thin, which I find really easy and comfortable to hold (very unlike Models Owns short fat tops!)

Overall, I really like these polishes- the formula and staying power is comparable to Barry M, but the major selling point for me is the lovely range of shades (Revlon is one nail polish brand I rarely see dupes for- correct me if I'm wrong, perhaps I've not been looking hard enough!) and the great brush. That said, £6 is more than I would happily pay for a polish, but when sales are on- love them! :)

What do you think of Revlon polishes? And what's your take on scented polishes?


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