Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Review: e.l.f. Nail Polish (many pictures!)

Now I'll be honest, I've been putting off this review for a while- simply because I have so many e.l.f. polishes and there will be a lot of pictures (sorry for being a lazy blogger) but obviously I couldn't put it off forever, especially as I love these polishes so much!

e.l.f. is a brand I really love, it is cruelty free, very budget friendly and really good quality. Their nail polishes are free from Toluene, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phthalate (none of which are good for you, but they still get shoved into a lot of polishes) and are only £1.50 each (from the e.l.f. website) for 10ml of product- which is a fantastic bargain. Plus because e.l.f. have had a few 50% off sales recently (join their Facebook page!) I've gotten quite a few polishes for just 75p!!! In fact, by my calculations, there are only about 5/6 e.l.f. polishes that I don't own!

Now, prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. I'm sorry I can't show you swatches of each polish (if I had 5 extra hands, I would) but the photos below show the colours pretty accurately :) I'm sure that lots of them will be popping up in future NOTD posts, and I'll link to e.l.f. polishes I've already shown at the end. If there are any that you are desperate to see, let me know and I'll show you asap :)

White, Fair Pink, Innocent, Nude, Light Pink

Gum Pink, Fire Coral, Light Red, Punk Purple, Mod Mauve

Champagne, Coral (old school drippy decoration!)  Passion Pink, Berry Pink

Dark Red, Medium Red, Rosy Raisin, Sunset, Purple Pleaser

Lilac, Purple Dream, Royal Purple, Party Purple

Plum, Chocolate, Blush, Mango Madness, Dark Navy

Mint Cream, Teal Blue

Desert Haze, Smoky Brown


Clear, Twinkle, Glitter Glam, Golden Goddess

Pearl, Moonlight, Pearl Pink

Now onto the actual review! 

The formula is very similar to that of Barry M, as they are quite thin and liquidy which makes them quite easy to use. Some offer more coverage than others, but they all look great after either 2 or 3 coats (with the exception of the really pale and creamy shades like Lilac and Mint Cream which are a lot thinner and require 4 coats) 

They last pretty well on my nails, it's usually at least 3 or 4 days until tip wear forces me to repaint my nails, though occasionally the polish can flake off in one piece after a day or two (this happens with other brands of polish too, I think it's more my fault than the polishes)

Some of the colours are quite similar to each other (like Medium and Dark Red) so for less nail-polish-addicted-people there may be some polishes that are redundant. But for me (a total addict) each shade is different enough that I can justify having each. Plus this can work in your favor, as the polish shades go very well together, and can be used in all sorts of fun combinations :)

I think my all-time favorites are: Sunset, Glitter Glam and Twinkle (great for adding a glittery accent nail) Mod Mauve (quite a unique shade) Nude (my-nails-but-healthy) and Passion Pink. Really I could go on, I love them all- they are all wearable and lovely :)

The brush is another selling point for me, it is a pretty basic/standard brush, perhaps a little on the longer side (like the revlon brushes) but the top is a really nice shape (kind of a rounded rectangle) and I find it very easy to hold, even in my left hand.

I really cannot give these polishes enough praise, they are really good value for money, they wear well, are easy to apply and come in a huge range of shades. I love them! Go buy some! :)

What do you think of e.l.f. polishes?


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  1. I've never tried ELF's polishes before (I think they are all sold out on the US website at least, because they're reformulating their polish). Hoping to try some in the future though!

  2. Well I DEFINITELY reccomend them :) I'm sure the reformulated polishes will be just as good (hopefully even better!) Let me know what you think! The UK probably wont get the new formulas for a while after the US.


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