Sunday, 28 August 2011

Review: Sleek Pout Paints.

If you've read any blog posts over the past few weeks I'm sure you will have heard about these little beauties- everyone is talking about them, and when I went to Superdrug with my birthday money (resulting in this large haul post) I could see why! There are 12 shades available, and (from what I learned from playing with them all instore) they are all super-pigmented.

Sleek is a brand well known for providing really good quality products for reasonable prices, (somehow I don't have any other Sleek products yet, not sure how that happened!) and these are definitely no exception. They have been compared a lot to the OCC Lip Tars, but at £4.99 each for 8ml
(currently 3 for 2) they are both more affordable, and more easily accessible (from the Sleek website and Superdrug stores).

They are designed to be mixed together to create your own custom shades and there is a white (Cloud 9) and a blue (Peek-a-Bloo) in the collection to help lighten or deepen your colours. I do find mixing them a little difficult, simply because you need so little to cover the lips (like, a teeny tiny dot, see below) that it's hard not to end up with too much product.

I (eventually) chose these three shades:

Rosette, Cloud 9, Milkshake
Looking at this too long makes my eyes hurt
They are all so pigmented, I still can't really believe it... notice in this picture that there is so little difference in colour between the dots of product and the smudged out swatches.

Rosette, Cloud 9, Milkshake

I've played around with these quite a lot, I'm like a child in an art class :)  The possibilities really are endless with these (I can't imagine how much fun I could have with even more shades!) so everyone can find a colour they love! Here are just some of my creations using my three shades in various quantities (and using a side plate as a palette...)

My hand, the paint palette :)

Sleek say that 'The intensely saturated formula provides outstanding colour pay-off in just one tiny speck, and dries to a long lasting satiny finish.' and I have to say the Pout Paints really do live up to those claims: they are super-pigmented, and you really only need a teeny-tiny bit to cover the lips. I really like the finish, they're not super shiny or glossy (which I don't generally like much), but they leave a nice sheen and they feel quite nice, more like a lipstick than anything else I think. Despite the fact that it's a stain, my lips don't feel dry until several hours later (and as a bonus they have no taste.)

This teeny dot will cover your lips! It's magic :)

They last rather well, and provides a nice stained effect even when the satiny finish has worn off. It lasts several hours without reapplication, even through coffee and a Pineapple and Coconut Cupcake, and even when it does wear off, it fades nice and evenly so it doesn't look horrible :)

These are not the most practical for on-the-go application, whilst they are small and handbag friendly, you really need a mirror and a lip brush to apply them neatly (unless you are some kind of make up goddess) but they are definitely worth a look, I recommend these to absolutely everyone :)

Do you have any Pout Paints? What are your thoughts?



  1. Wow they are so pigmented. Are they sticky?

  2. Surprisingly, no they're not sticky at all. They feel a lot like a nice lipstick- smooth and creamy feeling :)


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