Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mini Haul / Review :) (nail polish and nail polish thinner)

I've bought another nail polish... though I think that's pretty reasonable considering I've been into town 3 times this week! Superdrug has Accessorize nail polishes on sale for just £1.95! I've never really bothered with Accessorize polishes before- the colours are not particularly unique and the original price-£4- is a bit steep for a regular 10ml polish. However, I saw this shade and HAD to purchase:

Accessorize Amethyst

I think the above picture is true-to-colour, but I wish I could show you my nail wheel swatch (I love it!)- I just can't get it to show up right! I love purple (it's one of my favourite colours) and I generally find it really hard to find nice true purple shades (I have a lot of plummy, reddish purple polishes). This is somwhere between true purple and lilac, so pretty!

A little while ago (at the same time I ordered my nail art pens) I bought a nail polish thinner! I did quite a bit of research on the topic- I really didn't want to end up ruining my polishes rather than 'rescuing' them! - and eventually decided that I may as well try out the cheapy version before investing in a more expensive option (like OPI, Essie or Mavala) I picked mine up for £1.88 (from this seller) for 75ml. It did take a while to arrive, but I didn't really mind as it was so cheap.

I was rather dubious when I first got it, I don't know if you can see in the picture but on the right side of the bottle there is a list with tick boxes which seems to indicate that the bottle contains cuticle cream diluent... But I tested it out on an old topcoat I really don't care about and it worked perfectly! (who knows what the odd labelling was all about!)

I've since used it on my old InstaDri and several Models Own polishes (including Snow White, as they were getting rather gloopy) and I'm please to say that just a few drops brought them right back to the texture they were when I first bought them! :) The bottle has a very small hole to get the thinner out of, but I really recommend using a dropper or a tiny syringe to add drops to your polish- you don't want to add too much!

I have no idea why we have this, but it's darn useful!

I cannot recommend this polish thinner enough- it's SO good, and I know it will last a really really long time as you really only need about 0.5ml of thinner per bottle. This arrived on Tueday and the thinner has had no nasty effects on the polishes (I just swatched them all again to double-check)- they are still 'thinned out' and apply just as well as they did before, with the same drying time, colour and finish :) I definitely don't think you need to get a more expensive branded thinner, this does the job perfectly for under £2.

The new MUA palette (Undressed) is coming out this Wednesday and I'm rather excited about it- I think I'll be 'popping to Superdrug' on Wednesdays lunchbreak, so expect a little haul post on that soon too! :)

What have you been buying recently? Am I missing out on any really lovely Accessorize polishes?



  1. Thanks for the heads up on the thinner, I am nearly out of my seché restore and wanted something purse friendly! I have Aztec which is a nice duo chrome from Accessorize, apparently one of them is a dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy if you were in to that?

    1. No worries :) If you get a cheapy version I'd love to hear if it's any different to the branded thinner (though I suspect there'll be no difference at all!) :)

      Ohh I just looked it up, Aztec is beautiful! Will look for it next time I'm in superdrug!



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