Sunday, 10 June 2012

Review: Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes :)

You may remember that I picked these wipes up from Boots for my camping trip last weekend, and I'm really glad I chose these ones because I really like them!

They are £3.99 for 25 wipes, which I think is perhaps on the pricey side (but I really needed wipes and I paid with my advantage card points so I didn't mind too much) though I think they are actually worth it because they are so gentle on my skin.

As I've mentioned probably countless times, I have quite dry and sensitive skin which normally freaks out at any changes in my skincare routine, so I was kind of dreading my camping trip because I had no idea what state my skin might become...

A lot of face wipes I've used in the past have been pretty awful for my skin- drying and uncomfortable- basically ending up with my skin breaking out, but these ones had some pretty good reviews on the Boots website so I picked these up.

They have an unobtrusive, fresh scent (which doesn't linger on the skin at all) and the formula supposedly contains lots of lovely ingredients (it does seem to have a lot of alcohols, which isn't necessarily great, but there is glycerin and aloe vera which is very good)- I can confirm though, that it does feel really gentle on my skin- there's no raw feeling after using them, my skin just feels clean!

I really love that they are exfoliating, I hope you can tell from the picture that the wipe has lots of tiny bumps that exfoliate nicely. My skin really loves a gentle exfoliant everyday (which is why I like hot cloth cleansers and my Neutrogena face scrub) because I am prone to blackheads- and these wipes left my skin feeling just as clean as with my regular cleanser- no breakouts or blackheads to be seen! :)

They are a bit harsh for using around the eyes (my sister used one and I forgot to tell her that they were exfoliating, so she wasn't at all gentle...) so I wouldn't really recommend them for those of you who like to remove make up with a wipe before cleansing 'properly', but for trips away (or super lazy days) where a face wipe is all you will use to cleanse, I highly recommend these ones!

Do you use face wipes regularly? Which is your favourite?


p.s. I'm really out of practise at this whole blogging thing, this post took me about an hour to write!!!


  1. Great review, very helpful :)

    Lea x

  2. Thank you, very glad you found it useful! :)


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