Monday, 18 June 2012

Challenge Week 38: Inspired by Technology (microchip nails!)

It's time for another weekly challenge, and this time the theme is inspired by technology. It took me a really long time to think up what I should do this week... but after lots of thinking I ended up doing a Google image search for the word 'technology' and a picture of a microchip came up- and inspiration hit me! :) If you think about it, it makes sense to do a microchip design, as almost all of the technology we use relies upon them. Plus they do look kinda cool! :)

It turns out I have a pretty good 'microchip green' shade- Revlon's Emerald City- which I used as a base, then I used a small nail art brush with Beauty UK Olympic Bronze to add the details- as well as a teeny bit of Revlon Black Lingerie with a dotting tool to add small black dots :)

It me quite a while to paint- I'm not very good at straight lines! I basically free-handed the designs (after looking at several pictures for inspiration) and I'm really really happy with the results; they might even be recognisable as microchip patterns! I'm sorry if the colours seem a bit off in the pictures, I don't know what was going on with the lighting...

Revlon Black Lingerie, Beauty UK Olympic Bronze, Revlon Emerald City

What kind of technology would you put on your nails?



  1. I was planning on doing this! I suppose I could still do it, microchip boards are after all different :)

    1. Ooh you still should- I'm your take will be awesome (it's always interesting to see how people interpret things differently!) :)


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