Saturday, 16 June 2012

A little e.l.f. haul! :)

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday- my first week at work had obviously caught up with me and I could no longer think or write in coherent sentences.... I'm hoping to spend a lot of tomorrow scheduling posts so I can still post all of next week though :)

Anyway, once again e.l.f. had an awesome discount code for 30% off - and as there were a couple of things I wanted I decided to make an order :) It took a while to arrive because of the multiple bank holidays we've had recently, but after a well-deserved lie in this morning I woke up to find that it had arrived!!! What a happy Saturday- I've spent all day playing with new products, reading, watching Calamity Jane and drinking coffee :)

First of all, the two things I mainly made the order for- 2 new studio brushes! I really really love my regular line eye brushes (they're soft and a joy to use), but I find the face brushes in the range a little scratchy- as I love my studio powder brush I decided a blush brush and a stipple brush needed to join my collection.

I love both brushes- they are SO soft (my sister and I spent a good 5 minute stroking our faces with them when I opened my box) I got the Stipple Brush so I could use my e.l.f. Studio Cream Blush- which is way too pigmented to use with a regular brush (without looking like a clown anyway...) and the Blush Brush for any blushing needs :) With the 30% discount they were only £2.63 each! Total bargain :)

I also decided to try the other two lip balm scents -Vanilla and Orange Creme, as well as another Matte Lip Colour; this time in Natural.

The lip balms smell lovely (the vanilla reminds me of The Body Shop Vanilla Spice lip balm, and the orange smells JUST like orange creme Quality Street!) and the Matte Lip Colour is a beautiful shade- a dusty pink that is much less blue-toned than Tea-Rose:)

And finally, a few eye products! I've been using my Shimmer eyeliner Pencils (I have Blissful Blush and Gunmetal) a lot recently, and I decided I'd like another couple of shades- Twinkle Teal and Boldly Bronzed. And again, I've been loving my Cream Eyeshadows a lot too (perfect for lazy eye make up) so I picked up Candlelight.

Candlelight is a lovely pale shimmery shade (reminds me of Natural Collection Opal and MUA Shade 1) which will be lovely as a base for all sorts of colours :) I'm a little disappointed by Twinkle Teal, as it's a lot more green that I thought it would be (though it doesn't show that way in the swatch below) but I think I'll get use from it, and Boldly Bronzed is beautiful.


Cream Eyeliner in Candlelight, Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in Boldly Bronzed and Twinkle Teal
and Matte Lip Colour in Natural

Have you made an e.l.f. order recently?


p.s. I decided today that I'll definitely be buying a Kindle as soon as my first paycheck clears at the end of the month, I am beside myself with excitement!!! Does anyone have any advice about which model I should get?

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