Friday, 29 June 2012

If money were no object- What I'm saving up for!

I've missed blogging SO much this week- every night I've sat at my computer and tried to post something, but I've just been too tired to write anything that makes sense!!! I currently have no plans for this weekend though, so hopefully I can plan and write a lot of next weeks post- because I hate not posting everyday! :(

Anyway, now that I'm employed and have a proper income I can start saving up for some of the exciting products I've lusted after in previous wishlist posts! And I thought it might be interesting to show you which few things I'd really like to actually purchase :)

First up is something that I've been wanting forever, in fact it was featured in my very first 'If money were no object' post.

Yep, a Kindle!- I've decided that I'm going to be buying one very (very) soon, my first paycheck has cleared in my account (happy times!) and whilst I know it's a bit silly to be splurging as soon as I have any money,  I can assure you that this is a major one-off treat for myself; I've been waiting for a job for so long that I'm really proud of myself for starting one!!! I think it will also be my early birthday present to myself too :) Plus I have some vouchers to use so I can save some money there, and it would come in really handy at work- my lunchbreak is an hour, but eating only takes about 20 minutes and as we're not allowed on any interesting websites, I'd love to have something (portable) to read:)

I'm planning on getting the Kindle Touch (£109) if you have any advice, tips or other opinions, please share!

Next on my little list of things I want to buy is a light box! Now I'm working during the day it is going to get harder and harder to take decent pictures in proper daylight, and I know a light box will make so much difference- rather than relying on weekends to photograph everything!

I'm not exactly sure where I'll put it... but I'm sure I'll think of something!

On the topic of storage, the next things on my 'to save up for' list are some new storage drawer! My make up and nail polish collections are ever growing, and my current storage wont be able to handle much more stuff! I think I'd need a trip to Ikea, because I think a Helmer would be perfect! I'd also really like to get a new bed and rip out the fitted drawers and desk which are: impractical, partly broken and rather ugly.

However, I'm also hoping to save up enough money to move out into my own place in the not-so-distant-future (within the year anyway!) but I've not really though too hard about it yet, but I know it's probably not the best idea to be buying new furniture!

What are you saving up for at the moment?



  1. I received a Kindle 2 years ago as a birthday present and it has been a life (and space) saver! There are always free Kindle books to download and the classics are always free because there's no longer any copyright on them. I have the 3G one which I love because I can get books anywhere. The only "con" for me was that I often fall asleep with books on my face, so there have been a few occasions where I've fallen asleep and the Kindle just fallen and hit me right in the face! It hurts so much more than a book! Other than that, the Kindle is just amazing!

    I also have the IKEA Helmer Unit for my 266 polishes! I store my lightbox on top of it. It's great!

    1. I'm SOOOO excited to get one, you've managed to make me even more excited again!!! Haha you poor thing, luckily I don't tend to fall asleep reading, so my face should be ok :)

      Woah 266? Lots of polish!!! Thats a good idea, I think I need to sort my bedroom out and rearrange so I have space for a lightbox and extra storage stuff :)



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