Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review: Goody Spin Pins!!!

For some reason I didn't get chance to blog about these in a haul post (shocking, I know) but I discovered this box of Spin Pins in Bodycare for just £3.99 (rrp in Boots is £5.50) a couple of weeks ago, and I really couldn't resist giving them a try. I'm super-glad I did, because they are SO awesome! (everyone should have some!)

The box comes with two pins, and you can get them in several different colours- depending on hair colour (I, of course, got the ones for blonde hair) I managed to throw away the packaging but it was actually quite useful- there were several pictures of hairstyles and tips for use.

I don't know who invented these little pins, but they deserve hundreds of awards- the corkscrew shape somehow really anchors my hair in place all day, and they are so easy to use. I wear my hair in a little bun quite a lot for work (it's so long it gets in the way) and I've used Spin Pins every time- they always last at least a whole day at work without any hair escaping or dropping.

I have had rather a lot of experience with buns in my time- I've been dancing almost all of my life, and neat buns are always a requirement for exams and competitions; where they absolutely have to stay put all day whilst enduring lots of jumping around- that usually involves a bun net, tonnes of mouse and about 1200 grips- my hair is really fine so grips often just fall straight back out of my hair, so I was truly amazed that these two little pins could hold my hair securely! I know next time my sister has dancing exams I'll definitely be using these on her hair.

As you can see they aren't much longer than a regular pin, but the metal is thicker and more sturdy. Again I was a bit sceptical that they'd hold the weight of my hair (as it's pretty darn long at the moment) but it definitely does, once you've twisted it into the bun :)

Basically, I am thrilled with them- they work far far better than I ever believed they could, and I highly recommend them to anyone who likes wearing their hair up. (My sisters hair is a lot shorter than mine (about shoulder length, but it is thicker) and they still work well for her, though any shorter and I think the pins would be too big for the amount of hair you have. )

Have you tried Spin Pins?


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