Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Currently Loving! (and loathing)

I thought it was about time for another favourites post again, and for once this time a lot of my make up favourites are quite different to the usual selection (though my firm favourites like e.l.f. eyelid primer and Garnier BB cream etc. are still well loved)- I've been branching out a bit!


Currently loving:

Firstly, I cannot not mention the lovely Pryanka who sent me the most awesomest swap package!!!- and every single item in that haul is now a favourite :)




I've been reaching for some slightly different eyeshadows recently (shocking I know) and I've really been enjoying silvery grey looks- the shimmery silver grey shade in the e.l.f. Silver Lining quad is so beautiful, and I'm hitting pan! If anyone knows of a dupe I'd be very grateful- it seems a bit silly to be buying a whole new quad for one shadow. With that shade I usually pick out one or two shadows from the MUA Starry Night palette as a crease colour, then top it off with my e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Gunmetal.

I've also been liking more matte shadows too- the Natural Collection duo in Mink/Sable is lovely (especially the lighter side) and the solo eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut works really nicely as a crease colour :)

The Collection 2000 concealer is just as awesome as I'd anticipated- I love it! (review coming soon) And my new Natural Collection blush in Peach Melba has been my most worn blush too. Also, my Blistex lip balm has been lovely (a lifesaver at my camp this weekend, my lips didn't like the cold windy weather) I'm glad to be using and enjoying so many new products this month!




Skincare-wise I've not changed anything really,  I still love the hot cloth cleanser, and Body Shop body butters etc. I'm still really loving olive oil as a make up remover- and I've used it a couple of times on my elbows and knees as I keep getting fry patches. I've also been trying super super hard to keep my nails in decent shape, and I've used Rescue Oil on them quite a bit (I've had lots of 'naked nail' days where I've constantly reapplied it!) Rescue Oil has also been brilliant since I got back from camping- my skin was SO dry, and it's really helped get it back to normal.


I'm also loving:
  • The Apprentice- I know it's now finished, but I've loved this series! I've just caught up with the final and the winner was a bit of a surprise to me :)
  • The weather (for most of the month)- I love being warm :)
  • Cold Brew Coffee- I'm an addict and I've been through several batches already...
  • Camping- last weekend was a lot of fun :) It was very cold and very wet, but the Guides were great and everyone still managed to enjoy it all!
  • My eyebrows- weird I know, but I started trimming them a little (thanks to this lovely and helpful video) and I found them a lot neater and easy to manage- plus they're finally at the perfect shape for me!
  • Miranda- how the heck have I never watched this before? It's hilarious!!!
  • The Harry Potter Studio Tour- we went today and it was AWESOME- I think I'll have some pictures to share with you tomorrow :)
Currently loathing:
  • There is virtually NOTHING on TV at the moment, all of my favourite series have finished :(
  • Pigeons! I think there's a nest (or maybe just a popular hang out for pigeons) in the tree directly outside and they are SO loud all the time, and they deposit droppings all over my car... plus I get a lovely dawn chorus at 4am every day!
  • The weather (this weekend) it was so AWFUL- really the worst for camping! My silly tent leaked and everything got wet! Though I suppose I could be grateful nobody got sunburned...

What have you been loving and loathing recently?





  1. Love the products that you're loving this month, the apprentice winner was also a shocker for me - wanted Nick to win lol.


    1. Me too (oddly enough!) Same here- I thought he would until the very end actually! I'm sad that it's finished too, theres nothing at all I want to watch on TV at the mo...

  2. Bahahaa I'm so glad you like everything! I hope the NARS does wonders <3 You should take some pictures of makeup looks that you do :)

    1. Of course I do!!! :) I'll try, but I've tried before and I suck at taking pictures of my own face...!

  3. i hit pan on the silver lining shade as well! it's very brightening.

    1. It's awesome isn't it! I think mine will be all gone soon... :)


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