Thursday, 14 June 2012

Review: Beauty Scoop

I bought this book rather a long time ago (January, in fact), and I've spent a long time flicking though and reading random sections and chapters. I thought I'd post a little review I learned from it- as it really is a great resource for make up and beauty information.

As I suspected, some of the products (and prices) it mentions are a little out of date, but they do give you a good general idea- and often there are new/updated versions of the product anyway.

The authors are both very adamant about a few things: the use of SPF on an everyday basis, not smoking, always removing make up before bed and moisturising (both face and body) regularly. And I have to say that it has pushed me into action- I don't often remember to moisturise my body because I shower in the mornings, and afterwards (when I really should moisturise) I don't usually have much time. For the past few months I've been trying my best to moisturise every night before bed and it's really made my skin much happier :) I've also used up a lot of little moisturiser samples which is a bonus (I had a lot!)

It is SO very refreshing to see beauty experts say that quality is not dependant on price, they accept that packaging and perception allow a lot of higher end products to appear better quality than others. So while some of the products the book seems to rate highly fall into 'crazy money' category (in my opinion anyway), a lot of the choices are reasonably priced 'drugstore' brands.

I really enjoy the writing style the authors use- it actually reads a lot like a blog post! It has a friendly tone which describes everything simply without being condescending, and it's rather funny in places too :) I also really like that random members of the public have been asked to test products (each category has a list of the testers top favourite products.)

I think it would be a lovely gift for someone who is interested in make up and skincare- it provides a good basic overview of which kinds of products you should be using, why certain products are useful, as well as make up dos and don'ts and other random tips :)

I don't think this is an 'essential' read- as most of the information included can probably be found elsewhere (for free) - but it is awesome to have everything in one book, especially as it touches on so many aspects of beauty. Overall it was definitely well worth the £2.99 I paid for it (and you can find it on Amazon for about £2.50) and I do recommend it to you all.

Have you read any beauty books? Any more I should read?


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