Friday, 11 November 2011

My week in shopping...

Over the past week or so I've bought several things (and received some parcels in the post) and I thought I'd share my purchases with you :)

First of all, I went with the other leaders of my Brownie group to craftplay, which is an amazing factory shop which sells all things craft related- for insanely low prices. If you can get to Melton Mowbray I highly recommend giving this shop a visit! I bought this huge tub of glitter for £1.50- it's such a beautiful glitter, I've never seen a pearlescent glitter like this before, and I want to put it on EVERYTHING!!!! I think I'll try using it on my nails soon :)

Next, I 'popped into' Boots after a trip to buy red cabbage for Brownies (we were doing a homemade acid/alkali indicator test for the Science Investigator badge, I spent an afternoon boiling red cabbage and my kitchen smelled icky!) and I couldn't resist using the £5 off No7 voucher- I eventually picked Dollar, a bit of a crazy colour for me as I'm not usually a green fan, but this is a beautiful glittery bottle green shade with a bit of a blue duo chrome (that's only visible in certain light- making it a pain to photograph!)

I got an exciting (well it's exciting to me, perhaps not to everyone else...) package full of small plastic pots I ordered. I already have some the same and I find them so useful- for storing moisturiser, de-potting broken blush, keeping homemade lip scrub etc. (I'm sure you've probably seen them in previous blog posts!) I had to get some more; I got 10x 5ml pots and 10x 10ml pots (some of which were my sisters) which came to about £7 including shipping.

If you ever need any small pots/bottles/tins I really recommend shcweb, the products are super-cheap and shipping is very reasonable :)

10ml pot
5ml pot
I went on a little shopping trip and I couldn't hold out any longer- I bought Revlon's stunning Facets of Fuchsia. I did buy it using my Boots advantage card points, so no actual money was spent! :) I haven't gotten around to wearing it yet (too busy with For Audrey and Barry M silver foil effect) but my sister has and it is beautiful :)

I also picked up this months Glamour magazine, and I chose one with Nails Inc. Basil Street attached- the other three colour options are all reddish, and as I don't wear red all that often (and I have enough reds in my collection) I thought Basil Street was my best option :) It turns out that Basil Street is very similar to e.l.f. Desert Haze but I don't really mind having a dupe for it- Desert Haze is one of the more chip-prone e.l.f. polishes.

Kristen Stuart looking happy...

I also picked up a new little charm from Primark- I plan on snipping off the clip and using it as a necklace pendant. Primark have some other charms too (like a Santa and candy cane), but I like this one as it's 'seasonal' rather than just Christmassy- so I can wear it for all of winter if I want to :)

And last but not least- I received my nail tip guides in the post. I ordered them from eBay; £1.25 for 10 packs of 48 stickers, in 3 different shapes. I thought they'd be good for French Tips (which I could never manage freehand...) as well as so many other designs, I'm looking forward to trying them out!

What have you been buying recently? Have you given in and bought Facets of Fuchsia yet? (you know you want to!)



  1. What an great haul!! I love the pendant!!!

  2. I'm so happy with everything I got- I cannot wait to use that glitter on my nails! Thanks! Yeah it's working really well as a necklace :)


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