Thursday, 3 November 2011

Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream

Why Garnier insist on using such a mouthful of a name for their B.B. Cream I don't know- perhaps they couldn't decide on just one name...

Anyway, name aside I really love this product and I thought I'd share my thoughts on it (despite the fact that almost every blogger and their dog has already done the same!)

I was rather sceptical about this BB Cream at first- I'd seen a lot of blog/YouTube coverage when it was first released and it sounded promising; but when I tried a sample in Boots it looked seriously orange and I rubbed it off and thought nothing more of it. When I heard they were offering free samples I thought I should give it another chance- as it might react very differently on my face than my hand (and there's no way I'm using a tester on my face, even with the relatively hygienic tube packaging) and I'm SO glad that I did. After using my sample for about a week I bought the full sized tube :)

my sample
A little swatch;  and blended out
 It turns out that although it may look kind of orangy at first (like in the picture above) but within a couple of minutes it somehow blends to my skin tone and matches well. It really does all of the things it claims to do: it evens out my skin tone (particularly redness, which I often have a problem with in winter, and my under eye circles, which are always dark) and smoothes the appearance of my pores and blemishes whilst not covering up my freckles or making my skin feel like it's wearing a mask- my face still has dimension to it, and using blush/bronzer/highlight is not essential to re-contour my face.

I have very dry skin and I wouldn't dream of using this without a moisturiser underneath, for me it's just not hydrating enough- but it may work as a moisturiser for those with more normal skin types. I do like that it is hydrating though- it means that it doesn't stick to my drier patches and appear flaky plus it helps to protect my skin against the elements with it's extra layer of moisture. It doesn't irritate my skin at all (which is always a concern of mine with products that cover my whole face!) and is non-comedogenic so it doesn't block my pores and cause blemishes

The product is quite thick and creamy (as you may be able to tell by the picture of my sample pot- it retains the shape of all my finger marks!) but with the heat of my fingers and face it applies and blends very easily. I've found that this lasts very well throughout the day, I've worn it for at least 15 hours and while it did fade a little, it was definitely still doing it's job and didn't look patchy or uneven at all.

The packaging is really nice too- a simple tube with a flip-cap and a small hole for the product. I've only actually used the tube once just to test it out (the sample I got was very generous and I still have lots left in my tin) but I found it very easy to squeeze out only the amount I need- which is great for reducing waste. I can see lots getting stuck in the tube though- but as always I can cut open the tube and transfer the remaining product into a tin so hopefully it wont be a problem.

Some other nice (but slightly irrelevant) things to mention:
1) it smells awesome- not that I can smell it once I've applied it, but it has a lovely citrus scent :)
2) I also feel I should mention (despite the fact that it's nearly winter and anyone in the UK would be seriously lucky to need it...) that it has an SPF of 15 which will be great once we start getting some sunlight here.

I seem to have rambled on rather a lot- I hope it's been helpful! And if you've any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

What are your thoughts on B.B. Creams? I'm definitely a convert :)



  1. Great review! I also did a review on this product :) I'm glad to see someone else loving this product, all the youtube reviews I saw were really bad, so I decided to show them with my review! :P

  2. Thanks :) I don't think I've seen many bad reviews- I'm quite shocked! How could they not love this?

    I absolutely love the little fish tank thingy at the bottom of your page- I just played with it for about 5 mintutes... :)



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