Wednesday, 23 November 2011

If money were no object #5- skincare and nail polish...

What with all of the 'Christmas gift ideas' and Christmas collections floating around at the moment, I've discovered yet more items I'd love to have, but are somewhat out of my price range....

Firstly, the Lancome 'All I Want This Christmas' luxury advent calender.

It's just like a regular advent calender, but instead of cheap chocolate each window hides a little make up or skincare item in miniature. It retails for £70 (from Selfridges- though it's already sold out)

How much fun would a make up advent calender be. I'm actually contemplating making up my own! :)

Second on my list is something I've been thinking about for a while: the Clarisonic. I'm sure it would be the most amazing thing for my skin, and I've heard SO many good reviews on it- I'm pretty sure that everyone who has one raves about it!

However, at £155 (from the clarisonic UK website) or £115/£120 (depending on colour) for the Mia (sold by clarisonic on amazon but not their website...) I don't think I can really justify it at the moment. I know there are quite a few cheaper alternatives, but I've heard mixed reviews on these. What are your thoughts? Any recommendations? Or should I just save my pennies for a Clarisonic Mia?

There are rather a lot of Chrismas nail polish releases that I really would love to get my hands on, but in this case not only are they expensive, they are also pretty hard to find in England. Sometimes I think I'm glad I can't get cheap OPI and China Glaze here though, can you imagine how much nail polish I'd have?

OPI released their Muppets collection a few weeks ago, and in that is the most glittery, colourful sparkly nail polish I've ever seen: Rainbow Connection:

Photo courtesy of Swatch and Learn

China Glaze have also just released a large Christmas collection, and I'm rather in love with Snow Globe...

Photo courtesy of Cara Robinson

Snow Globe actually reminds me quite a lot of the new glitter I bought recently, I'll have to experiment with it and see if I can create some sort of Snow Globe look-a-like :)

So what items are you currently lusting after?



  1. Love the advent calendar. I looked a this a while back but its way too expensive! xx

  2. I know, it would be fun to open- but £70 for an advent calender!!!

  3. Thank you for mentioning the link hun :) xx

  4. Well it's only fair as I'm using your photo! You post beautiful swatch photos :)


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