Tuesday, 1 November 2011

There is no such thing as too much nail polish...

Another week and another little nail polish haul from me, I just can’t help myself!
Remember yesterday in my metallic challenge (link) post I wondered about the Barry M foil effect polish? Well I spotted them yesterday in boots and the silver one practically leaped in to my basket of its own accord (honest!) I’m very glad I got it- it’s amazing! It only takes two coats to become opaque, (though it is quite unforgiving on ridged nails and it does show the brush strokes a little) and I think it will be brilliant as a stamping colour (I feel a NOTD post coming along!) and for accent nails etc. For £3.99 it’s a good bargain and a lovely polish for the party season.

Barry M Silver Foil Effect

I also picked up some cotton buds and cosmetic cotton buds(they’re on buy one get one half off- a good time to stock up) which meant that I got myself a £5 off No7 voucher; I’ve been looking for Lucky Lilac for a while now (ever since I first saw it on a blog) but because it’s such a popular one it’s been sold out every time I’m near a Boots- today must be my lucky day, it was in stock! It’s a lovely pastel shade, and unlike the e.l.f. lilac polish it’s opaque in just two coats :) The No7 polishes have a new brush- it’s still long and thick, but now it’s flatter and curved at the bottom (much like the 17 maxi brush one) and I really like it :)

No7 Lucky Lilac

I also went to Asda (innocently trying to do food shopping, and getting sidetracked by polish yet again) and I spotted a few new shades, and some crackles. I tried the silver crackle (£2) and it was rubbish- barely cracked at all, but the other shades (red, white, teal and some others I think) seemed pretty good. The regular polishes are on 2 for £2- and it didn’t take long for me to find two polishes I just ‘had’ to get.

George Ultraviolet and Witchcraft

Ultraviolet caught my eye immediately- it’s stunning! It has a purple base with a bright blue duo chrome effect- but I think there’s some bright pink too. The picture below (which does not do it justice at all- I hate the bad lighting in autumn and winter!) shows just 3 coats alone and it looks amazing, but I think it would be awesome over so many other colours.
Witchcraft is a lovely grey shade- I got it in the hopes that it would be paler than my Models Own Grey Day (I love grey polishes, and I’d really like a super-pale grey shade) unfortunately it’s not much lighter, but it is quite different; it’s a lot more blue-toned, so it was worth £1!.

These pictures are not brilliant (I’m really sorry, I hate British seasons!) but the colours are pretty accurate, so please just ignore the blurriness!

L-R: Witchcraft, Ultraviolet, Lucky Lilac and Silver Foil Effect

I saw something I need to put on my Christmas list too- M&S have a rainbow holographic polish! It's £7.50 which is why it's a Christmas list item as I think it's on the pricey side (although there's still 54 days to go, I may crack and buy it before then) It looks pretty similar to GOSH Holographic (check out PrettyDigits comparison post) and it's so beautiful!

Photograph is courtesy of PrettyDigits

Have you been buying anything recently? I'm going to try my best to go on a nail polish no-buy, if I don't I'll run out of space for polishes!



  1. Don't panic! Expand ;) I have had to do that with my polish storage four times :S I may have to add an extra shelf to my 'rack' soon lol! x

  2. Hehe, I like your way of thinking! :) I think I may have to clear out another drawer for polish soon too!


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