Friday, 18 November 2011

Tag- Naked Nails! (Kind of a Nail of the Day...)

I've seen a few posts like this recently, and I thought I'd join in and turn this trend into a proper tag post- so I tag all of you to do it too!

If you've seen my earliest NOTD posts, you might remember that my nails have been in pretty rubbish condition, and they've yo-yo'ed a bit since then, getting healthier then getting completely ruined by a camping trip... but fingers crossed they seem fairly 'stable' at the moment; my nails seem thicker and less flaky- lets hope it lasts!

I have to say it felt very weird to be taking pictures of my nails in their naked state, but I hope you'll agree that they look fairly healthy, and surprisingly not too stained :)

Compared to how my nails used to look, I'm actually rather proud of them now :)

I tag all of you to post your naked nails!


p.s. I'm about to paint my nails with the beautiful Facets of Fuchsia, depending on light conditions I'll post a NOTD either later on or tomorrow :)

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