Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review: Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins.

The next products in my lip balm collection are the Vaseline Lip Tins- which I can almost guarantee everyone has had at least one of at some point in their lives!

I have two of these- Aloe Vera and Rosy Lips- and they also come in a couple of other varieties (Original, Sun Protection (SPF 15, I they only sell it in the summer) and Cocoa Butter) which all come in stick form too. And there is also a plus the Limited Edition Creme Brulee tin (£2.99) - sold only at Selfridges (I really want to order this but shipping is £4.95!- perhaps I'll have to go on a Christmas shopping trip to Birmingham...)

Each pot contains 20g of product- which is very generous and will last a really long time. Original and Aloe coat £1.49, while Rosy Lips and Cocoa Butter cost £1.99- very reasonable :) You can get them from just about anywhere; Boots, supermarkets, petrol stations... you name it!

I know it probably wont annoy anyone half as much as it
bothers me, but I'm sorry the tins are not lined up....

These little tins are great- although they contain 20g they are quite flat and not at all bulky- no wasted space- and they're easy to open and close (they just snap open) but are secure enough that they won't randomly open in your handbag!

As you may know petroleum jelly will not penetrate the skin (the molecules are too large to fit through the pores in our skin) and so these products cannot 'cure' very dry or chapped lips, but what it does do is prevent moisture loss- by trapping the moisture in your lips (or anywhere else you put it!). This means that Vaseline is great as a preventative lip balm for everyday use- and especially for cold and dry weather :)

I am absolutely always within reaching distance of some kind of Vaseline- I mostly use the original (decanted from a huge pot!) as I like to use it on eczema patches etc., but as you can see from the pictures below I use these tins rather a lot too!

Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips and Aloe Vera

The main reason I love my tins so much is the scents; Aloe Vera smells pretty much as you'd expect- fresh and 'green'- just like an Aloe Vera plant, and Rosy Lips contains rose and almond oils- which makes it smell slightly floral but it's also almondy enough to make me want to eat it! Rosy Lips (as the name may suggest) is tinted- it is quite sheer but does give a hint of colour; though if you want an actual coloured lip balm you'd be much better choosing an e.l.f. studio lip balm as they are more pigmented.

As I've said about several other lip balms I wouldn't rely upon Vaseline Lip Tins for restoring dry or chapped lips back to health- but I do love them as a barrier against the elements, and an everyday balm :)

What are your thoughts on Vaseline? I have a feeling it's a love it/hate it type of product!


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