Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Nail of the Day: Purple Taping!

Well my lovely metallic nails didn't last long (only because I bought some new polishes yesterday, and couldn't wait to try them out!) and as I had some free time today I decided to repaint them, and try another technique I've not quite mastered yet (unfortuantely I had to leave for Brownies before I could take pictures, and taking pictures in the dark is hard!)

I tried taping a while back when I did a medley of designs on my nails, but I wanted to try it as a whole look. I started off with two coats of Models Own Purple Grey, and decided upon e.l.f. Party Purple to tape- I think the colours look great together, and the purple glitter brings out the purple tones in the Models Own polish :) Instead of trying to line up the tape on each nail (which would clearly never work for me...) I chose to do each nail differently- with taping in all different directions and heights.

Once again I can only apologise for the poor quality of the photos; I really must remember that it now gets dark at about 5pm, and I need to either get my pictures taken before then or get myself a proper lighting system sorted!

e.l.f. Party Purple and Models Own Purple Grey

I actually find taping pretty easy- though I'm sure I'll run in to difficulty if I try to make all my tape line up straight... and I really like that I can make straight lines in polish without having to actually draw in a straight line!

Have you tried taping yet?



  1. I think taping looks great! I just don't know how to do them :$ I would love to see a tutorial :)

  2. Well I'm definitely no expert myself (this is my first full manicure with taping) but I'm gathering tips all the time so I'll put a little tips and tricks/how to post together soon for you :) I'm sure there are many tutorials on youtube you can watch too though.


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