Sunday, 2 March 2014

The '30 Days' of Photography Challenge

I love taking pictures, and photography has always been something of a fascination for me (my dad is the same, we always used to berate him for never taking pictures of people on family holidays- but he'd take what felt like 1000s of beautiful pictures of scenery and interesting landmarks) I did a City and Guilds course in black and white photography at college (it was awesome- I learned how to properly use an SLR camera and develop my own film rolls) but I've never really practised photography since- aside from lots of pictures whilst travelling or out with friends and products for blog posts.

There is a saying (attributed to various people) that says 'The best camera you have is the one in your hand' which I think probably goes a long way to explaining why I've not been in the habit of taking photos, I never had a camera  with me! But now I've joined the iPhone owners club I have a fairly good quality camera with me at all times, which really leaves me with no excuse!

I think I mentioned in my first post of this year that I'd been thinking about doing a photography challenge, I wanted to force myself to take more pictures, and to get into a habit of pulling out my camera. I also hope it would be interesting for you guys to see- as I'll be doing a blog post for each theme.

I won't be doing the challenge in the 30 days- I don't want to commit to posting every day again, it makes me all stressed! Plus I'd like to be able to make sure each picture theme I post is well thought-out and I have time to explain the story behind it :) I also probably won't do then in the same order as the picture below- I think I'll just see where my moods takes me!

Anyway- here are the 30 day challenge themes I will be doing: 


It took me a while to find one that I liked (there are lots and lots of options out there if you're interested) and I did consider cobbling together my own 30 themes; many of them focus on pictures of yourself, which I didn't particularly want, and lots more were designed for people with beautiful, fancy DSLR camera that can take clever technical pictures by using a long exposure etc (one day I will own one of my own) but this one seemed right for me, I like every single one of the themes!

Have any of you done a photography challenge?


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