Sunday, 30 March 2014

What's on my iPhone!!

I've seen quite a lot of these videos from people I watch on YouTube recently, and I find it fascinating to see how different people use and organise their phone so I thought I'd do one of my own.

My iPhone is a fairly new addition to my life (previously I had a 2 year old Samsung that wasn't even capable of internet access...)- I purchased it from my boyfriend when his contract was about to end, so he now has a shiny new gold 5s and I have his old 4s- it is already a 2 years old but it's in great condition (Dale frequently uses his phone in the bath, so I have no idea how he went 2 years without dropping it in!!!) and I'm much happier only paying £170 for it than saving to buy a brand new phone!

As an aside: if you live in the UK I highly recommend using GiffGaff  for a sim only plan- I get unlimited texts and data and 250 minutes a month for £12- they also have various other options for less data etc. (though I watch YouTube videos at work - during lunch!- all the time so I use around 2GB of data a month anyway!) GiffGaff uses the O2 network and I've always had awesome signal and internet strength :)

First of all I thought I'd show you what's ON my iPhone:

I love the idea of custom cases, so I bought a clear case (eBay for 99p) and cut out a piece of fabric (found in my 'junk fabric' box) to the shape of my phone, including a camera hole. I love the material and I have had compliments on it, plus I can change it at any time! I think I might find something more light coloured and spring-like soon.

My lock screen is actually a picture of unstirred paint- I found a whole redditdevoted to pictures of paint cans which have not been mixed yet (there's a subreddit for everything!!) and this one looks like a galaxy!

First page:

My background picture is just a rather boring purple background that came with my phone- I prefer to have a very simple background though as my eyes get kinda confused if there's a busy background as well as all those apps- I just feel like it's easier to read this way.

Naturally the first page has most of my most-used apps. On the top two rows I have useful apps, and the bottom two have social media apps. I love love love Wunderlist- it's a great list making app which allows you to write several separate lists, include sub-lists for details and tick off or delete items once complete. I love lists, and this is the perfect alternative to the hundreds of scraps of paper I used to use...

I'm a little disappointed by the Blogger app- I wish I could see stats, find older posts easier and reply to comments easier. Although I do love that I can now start composting new posts wherever I happen to be- I've started to just start new posts whenever I get an idea, rather than having to wait until later and my inspiration might be gone. If you use reddit I recommend Alien Blue- although to be honest I've not used an alternative. And I think anyone with an iPhone needs to have Google Maps rather than the Apple Maps app....

Apparently the bottom row is actually called the 'Dock'- don't say I never teach you anything. So in my 'Dock' I have what I consider to be the essentials- Messages, Phone, Email and Safari. I have considered replacing Email with something like Twitter or YouTube, but I couldn't decide which I would rather have, so Email it is!

I spent a really long time working out how to create these little folders- but I'm glad I did, even though I only have a few. My first one is for picture related apps- Photos, Camera and Snapseed, which is a great little picture editing app created by Google+. It has tonnes of different editing options, as well as filters and even a tilt-shift option. Lots of fun to play with, and has everything I actually want to edit a picture. 

I also have a little folder for my music apps- obviously I have the standard iPhone music app, but I also love Jango (which is like a UK friendly Pandora- it's awesome!) and TuneIn Radio- I'm not sure if this is UK only, but it allows me to stream any radio station (literally any channel in the UK, even if they're internet only etc.) to my phone- it does sometimes take a while to buffer, but I like the radio when I'm not sure what I want to listen to!

This is my second page of apps- which is mainly TV and more practical things. The IMDB app might be my most used app from this page- I'm really really good at remembering faces, but not so good at placing them- so in almost everything I watch there's at least one person I need to look up! I like a bit of catch-up TV (passes the time during my lunch break if it's raining outside) and I love SideReel to keep track of when various shows are on (mainly US shows)

I really must use Goodreads more, I'm sure all my shelves are way outdated... Epicurious is a nice recipe app (I don't think I've used a single recipe from it, but I like it for inspiration at least!) and I still love Pinterest- I go through phases of using it every day, then not at all...

I bank with HSBC and their app is really handy, I can transfer money from my savings to my current account and I like to be able to see my balance wherever I am (mainly to help me decide if I can afford a purchase or not!) Countdown+ is another recent favourite of mine- I love counting down to things (I get easily excited) and this app allows me to enter many dates to count down to :)

Sketch Pad is a fun little app too- it's kinda the iPhone equivalent of a basic Microsoft Paint- Dale and I draw silly pictures for each other, and play a kind of pictionary on it :)

This 'Extras' folder is like a junk drawer of things I either don't want, but can't delete, or use very infrequently. The exception to this is the Calculator- I actually find myself using it quite a lot. Units Plus is an awesome app to have- it will convert almost anything into anything else- it does Area, Currency (every one you could possibly need) Length, Speed, Temperature, Weight, Volume etc.- I mainly use it for converting US recipes into UK measurements, but I've used it quite a bit actually :)

Does anyone actually ever use: Weather, Newsstand, Stocks or Passbook? It annoys me that I can't actually delete them!

Page 3 is my games- I don't have that many, and I don't tend to play games all that often- again I go through phases with them. 

Candy Crush and SongPop are my most played- I'm totally addicted to both! Tapped out and Sims FreePlay are really fun- though I sometimes neglect them for weeks...Sudoku Free and Jigty Puzzles are nice, more relaxing games- I often do them in bed if I'm struggling to sleep. 

My last page is mainly shopping apps- and a couple of 'lifestyle' ones. I like all of these shop apps- the Ikea one lets me make a shopping list (which I really appreciate, it's often really hard to find things again with Ikea's crazy names) The eBay app is particularly good- I think it's very similar to the website- just as easy to navigate and make a purchase :)

The 7M Workout is a lot better than I anticipated, I like the custom workout settings (but I hate that I can't avoid push ups, they totally destroy my wrists- so I have to improv some other exercise whilst they're on) and even lazy lazy me can squeeze in 10 minutes of exercise most days.

Appy couple is a wedding website app that my friend is using for her wedding- it has all the things a wedding website usually has, but on the day everyone with the app can take and upload pictures, which is rather cool :) The Period Tracker app would probably be a lot more useful if I remembered to use it more- I may delete it soon.

So that's what's on my iPhone- I tag everyone to show me what's on yours!


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  1. I love how your wallpaper matches the case of your iPhone, and to think that you personally made that case. You are so creative. I also like how you don't stack unnecessary apps on your phone. Thanks for giving us a tour of your phone! All the best to you!

    Allen Fernandez @ 1300 Easy Dial


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