Sunday, 16 March 2014

If money were no object (# 10) plus a more realistic shopping list!

It's been quite a long time since I've written one of these posts- in fact it's been so long I've actually purchased a couple of my most previous wish list items (beautiful Helmer storage, a kindle, an iPhone and rather a lot of nail polishes!) but I can assure you I've certainly bit stopped dreaming about things I cannot afford!

First up is something quite practical- my poor PC is getting rather old and doddery, I got it just over 6 years ago now and it has been well used. I think part of the problem might be that my hard drive is stuffed full (perhaps a new external hard drive might be a good investment) but it takes a long time to load and cant cope with running several applications at a time (it also totally fails at loading Sims 3 which I'm sad about) 

This brings me nicely onto the next thing on my wish list- I've played a fair amount of Sims 3 in the past 6 months, I had the Sims 3 base game, Late Night and High End Loft Stuff (which I got together in a bundle for about £4 on Origin) and then I got Seasons, Pets and University expansions for £10 each on sale. I'm a little disappointed by The University expansion (I think the one for Sims 2 was better in many ways) I do still love all of the ways expansions make the game so much interesting and varied. Unfortunately the expansions are expensive, and there are so many I'd love to have (let's face it, I pretty much want them all!!!!)

There are a couple of things that are slightly more achievable for me in the near future- my boyfriend Dale is moving in with me in May (my current housemate is moving to the US) so I'll be swapping rooms (to an en suite bathroom, yay!!!) and we'll be rearranging almost everything in the flat so that everything is just as we want it :)

I'd love to have a coat rack in the hall- we have a nice wide hall, and I hate having dead space, plus it means our coats wont be hanging on the end of our bed (which tends to happen now, and it annoys me!) I love this one from Ikea, my dad has the same one in his house and it's a great size for our two coats, my gigantic scarf collection ( I must show you that sometime, I love scarves!) and anything else we might want to store. It's only £25, and I love going to Ikea- I'd quite happily go for the day even if I couldn't buy anything at all.

Ikea Portis Hat & Coat Stand

I've also got my eye on some cord holders for bedside tables and desks- since I have got myself an iPhone both me and Dale have phones to charge every night, and with the charger cables, headphones, my glasses, water and lots books on my bedside table everything becomes a big tangled mess! When everything moves around we will have a bedside table each, but I think some of these colourful cord holders will keep things a bit tidier :)

Cord holders- £1.49 on eBay

And lastly, what would a post like this be without some make up and nail related wish list items!

I've been intrigued by Mavala Scientifique for a while now, since the lovely BognaW uploaded her nail care routine video. I'm somewhat torn about it as it contains Formaldehyde (which is a carcinogen, and therefore surely can't be great for my nails) but it does seem to have great results on strengthening nails- which I definitely need!

It is pretty expensive, but I've spotted it on Amazon for about £5, I just need to decide if I want to use it or if I'm too scared! Anyone got any experience with it?

Mavala Scientifique

Another potential eBay purchase is some magnetic tape, so that I can depot a few eye shadows (probably my natural collection shadows) into my e.l.f. elements compact- which is currently sitting unused in my drawer.

Magnetic Tape- £1.25 for 1M on eBay

So what's on your wish list at the moment?



  1. I have a ever growing list of things I want! I did a review of the Mavala a while back ( it all depends on what your nail problem is as to what you need to help with it.

    1. Haha I think everyone (secretly) does! :) ooh thanks for that, I've actually not been able to find many reviews :) xGretalRabbitx


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