Sunday, 9 March 2014

Photography challenge #1 - Your Shoes

As I said in my original photography challenge post I'm not planning on posting these themes in the same order as the list I'm following, and in fact this first post actually uses day 18's theme; Your Shoes.

This photo was actually one I took before I found the challenge list I picked out- I was standing on the street after work waiting for Dale to meet me, when I happened to look down and see that my feet had lined up nicely with the brick pattern on the floor. 

I like that this picture makes my feet look tiny (they kinda are- I'm usually a size 3/4) and that you're seeing them from my perspective - as if you were looking down and seeing my shoes instead of your own.
I took a couple more photos of my boots once I decided upon this challenge:

This one took a little creative camera holding- I bent double with my legs straight and held my camera facing towards me (took a few tries before I was happy with the shot as I couldn't see my screen when I took them!)


And here is a picture of the shoes themselves- I love these boots, they were around £22-24 from New Look last autumn (I think I bought them in October) and although they have a heel they are so comfy; I've worn then to work for weeks on end (which is a 15 min walk each way, then a lot of walking around at work- even though I work in an office!) and the only time I find them hurting is when my weak ankles are causing me problems (which happens in almost all shoes, my ankles are very pathetic)

I hope it's not somehow cheating that I selected three photographs to post for one theme- but I guess I've already edited the rules a bit already, I'll just go with what I want to do!

Sorry I didn't get around I posting a non-photography post here as I planned this week, I've got a few ideas line up for next week though :)


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