Sunday, 23 March 2014

Photography Challenge #2 - Flowers

This week has almost made me believe that Spring might finally be on it's way- although I LOVE Christmas I really do hate the cold weather and pretty much everything else about Winter- it's cold and dark and miserable! This week the weather seems to have brightened up (I was totally drenched on the way home from work at least 3 days out of 5 last week, but it was at least warmer and a little bit sunny!), and the spring flowers are definitely making an appearance so I thought that the Flower theme for my Photography Challenge would be rather appropriate.

I have a love/hate relationship with flowers really: they're very pretty, and fresh flowers really brighten up a room, however I do get really awful hay fever (people have started cutting grass along my route to work and it's started already) plus I have to agree with Phoebe from Friends- it's really sad to have flowers in your house and just watch them slowly wilting and dying...

Anyway, outside Dales flat there is quite a selection of planted flowers, and the daffodils have been making their lovely appearance in the past couple of weeks :)



As much as I don't necessarily like real flowers in my house, I do have quite a lot of clothes and scarves etc. with floral patterns on (that and butterflies, I have SO many butterfly print things!!!) This the floral pattern on a dress I bought yesterday (a very simple £8 dress from primark)


Are you a fan of fresh flowers or you tend to leave them outside like me?


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