Sunday, 15 April 2012

If money were no object... (#8)

It's been a while since I've posted any of my dream shopping list ideas, and I've got a couple of lovely things to share :)

First up is a storage item- call me crazy (many do) but I really really enjoy organising things, putting everything in it's place, and having everything arranged in a nice orderly fashion... I like the way my nail polishes are currently stored, but the plastic drawer tower isn't very stable, and as polishes are heavy (they are when there are so many of them...) I can only open one drawer at a time without it toppling over!

I'd really like a Helmer- or maybe two- they seem so practical, and I think I could get all my polishes and a lot of my make up in them (There is a reason they are so popular with make up and polish junkies) but at £25 each, they are a little pricey considering I don't really 'need' them. I guess my plastic drawers will do for now.

The next thing I'd absolutely LOVE is a library :) As you've probably guessed by now, I love reading, and so does the rest of my family- which means we have rather a lot of books! We currently have shelving across our stairs (see below to understand what I mean) and I have two shelves, stacked with 2 rows of books on each, as well as some by my bed. Plus my sister has 2 large shelves in her room...

Lots of classics, by my bed :)
Lots more of my books, and some other random bits- The Harry Potter series and
His Dark Materials trilogy (amongst many others) are hiding on the back row.

Giant wall of books on the stairs!
 If I could add another room onto our house, it would be filled with shelves of books, lots of squishy sofas, chairs and beanbags, and little lamps to read by :) In my dream library all of the books will of course be stored alphabetically by author surname!

Arranging by colour is pretty though.

Imagine all the cosy hours of reading I could have in those rooms! :)

And finally, I guess this could be something to go in my dream library- a piano! My sister plays, and she's pretty good (about grade 2/3 at the moment, she's practising at the moment, I can hear her on her keyboard!) but I never learnt (if I had a piano I would!) and they're so pretty and lovely! However, seeing as a good Grand Piano costs at least somewhere between £8,000 and £15,000... I'm not sure I'll ever have one in my possession (I spend too much on nail polish and books!)

I'm kind of in love with this weird shaped one too...

I think I'll settle for one made of Lego!

What have you been lusting after recently?


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