Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Random Rambles...

I was planning a post on some purchases I made yesterday (more nail polish, for a change...) but it's getting dark and I only have about 20 minutes- so pictures and the haul post will have to wait! So I thought I'd write a quick little rambley post :)

I spent my afternoon seeing Legally Blonde the musical- it was amazing! There were even dogs performing (so cute!) The show was very similar to the film (only a few minor bits were changed) except there was a lot of singing and dancing involved! Today is going to be a good day for entertainment, my sister and I are also off to see The Hunger Games later too! I'm very excited about seeing it, though slightly nervous that it wont be anywhere near as good as the books- we'll see!

The only bad thing about today has been the weather- I got very wet feet on the way to the theatre and they were cold and wet until I got home :( It snowed this morning too, though it didn't settle- too much rain!

I'm so happy that I've got to a 300 post landmark- I still can't believe I've written that many, it's crazy! I'm really into blogging at the moment, I'm being really organised and I have the next week planned out, and some pictures all ready taken for it- go me! Though I am really behind on reading posts, I hate to think how many unread posts I have in my GoogleReader- I guess like books I read blog posts in phases, I'll probably sit and read 300 posts in one sitting tomorrow morning!

I'm also really excited that I have 111 GFC followers, thank you everyone!

I'm sorry if you're missing my review posts, but I've not had much to review recently! I think I have a few lined up to post soon though, look out for them!

In other news, I had an eye test yesterday, and (of course) needed to pick out new glasses, I'm super happy that it didn't take me long to pick out new frames- I only tried on about 10 pairs, and it took about half an hour! The last time I got glasses it took over an hour and a half to pick a pair, in which time I drove away 2 poor sales assistants (both said they were going to the stock room to check for other frames, and never came back) nearly cried, and shouted at my mum (saying she was trying to make me pick hideous glasses!) it was not fun.

I don't mind eye tests very much (even if they do involved strangers shining a blinding light in your eye then staring into it from inches away) but I always put them off as long as possible because picking out glasses is usually SUCH a stressful time!

And finally: I'm putting myself on a nail polish spending ban- I picked up three new polishes yesterday, and in the past month I've bought a LOT, it's getting silly- and I have to stop it. I'm hoping that by making my spending ban public, I might actually stick with it! Please shout at me if I post any more hauls (aside from the one I post tomorrow!) within the next month!

Do any of you have opticians horror stories? Seen Legally Blonde yet? (it's touring the UK, try and see it if you can, it's great!)



  1. Legally Blonde was an AMAZING musical! I saw it a few years ago and it was so funny and the songs are extremely catchy. So glad you enjoyed it too!

    1. Yep I still have some of the songs in my head! :)

  2. I need to read these Hunger Games books to see what all the fuss is about!
    How are you going to cope without buying nail varnish!??!
    I hate going to the opticians, I always feel as though I'm in an exam! I had to do the stupid test where I clicked the button at the circles last time I went, my eyes ending up running like mad from staring at it and I went back to work with mascara all down my blouse!! xx

    1. You definitely do, they're great books! (The film is awesome too, but read the books first!)

      I don't know... it will be hard but I really do have enough polish!

      Oh that sounds horrible :( I can't remember ever doing that one, the one that blows air into your eyes is AWFUL though!



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